Waved In A Sentence

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  • Richard waved them away.
  • He waved his arms impatiently about him.
  • She waved him aside and dashed on.
  • Harry waved his hat and signaled they were friends.
  • The red flag waved in her cheeks again.
  • Lawrence choked back a sob as he waved his hand in return.
  • He ceased his restless pacing, and waved his arms.
  • The French flag waved from the top of the tower.
  • She waved her hand to include the dancing throng before them.
  • He waved his hand in hurried farewell and hastened along the path.
  • Then all the golden-headed stalks waved back and forth in the wind.
  • Two or three of the soldiers started, but he peremptorily waved them back.
  • He waved his arms, and all the flowers changed to a brilliant red.
  • The youth waved his hand in token of adieu, and vanished from her sight.
  • She looked up, waved a bunch of snowdrops, and went after the bells.
  • Many women pressed forward to offer assistance, but the girl waved them back.
  • He waved his hand tentatively, and they, after giggling, waved back.
  • But the disgusted Pep waved documents and remark away with disdain.
  • Back soon," and Jolly chuckled and waved his hand gaily.
  • A heron's plume as long as the shaft of a lance waved from his large turban.

How To Use Waved In A Sentence?

  • He wiped the sweat from his forehead with one hand and waved the forceps with the other.
  • He took a snap shot and waved his hand with an admiring gesture at its operator.
  • Pep waved the precious bit of paper gaily and jumped to his feet with glowing eyes.
  • Then one of them stood up and waved his hand, and the spectators knew that all was well.
  • The site of his once famous decoy was now drained, and in summer ruddy corn waved above it.
  • He uttered a shout of satisfaction and waved aloft the tin box, its dripping covering about it.
  • Rosamond waved her to read it and she had the fun, at any rate, of seeing the actual words.
  • Judge Lindsly was still standing on the porch looking after him and waved his hand.
  • He only waved his hand to me, as a younger and less important personage, and led us into his tent.
  • Dan and Harry watched him ride away, and as he looked back, waved him a last farewell.
  • My self-appointed host, whose name was Goodell, waved me to a chair, and took one opposite.
  • I waited as long as I dared, but Davy was staying for me I knew, and at last he waved his hand.
  • She leaned over the rail of the promenade and waved her hand to the others, who clambered up the shingle to meet her.
  • Only natives were on her deck, and the man steering waved his hand in derisive greeting and farewell.
  • The window was open, with the same vine clambering about it, precisely as when she waved and wept me an adieu.
  • Ida kissed her hand, and waved it over and over again, long after the little old lady was out of sight.
  • The staunch friend of the motion picture chums waved his hand like a showman proudly exhibiting wares.
  • He waved his hand at a circle of white spots that lay just outside the firelight, and turned to begin his dishwashing.
  • And while the wild brute bucked and grunted beneath the steady jab of the spurs his rider raised a slender hand and waved it in salute.
  • The girl laughed a tinkling laugh which showed her faultless little white teeth and waved her hand in quite the foreign manner.

Definition of Waved

Having a wave-like form or outline; undulating. | (heraldry) Indented. | (biology) Having on the margin a succession of curved segments or incisions.
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