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  • She hesitated before replying, and seemed to waver over the nature of her reply.
  • The courage of the men began to waver immediately; once more we were threatened with a panic.
  • Like a thing in a dream the buck seemed to waver back and forth in the oily sunlight.
  • But keep your head and waver not at all Lest you be deluged by the waterfall!
  • The mystery, however, did not for one moment cause me to waver in my affection for her.
  • And to help on the cause they deem divine Must waver from their ever rigid line.
  • And change of circumstance brings change of vow; Who such a coward as to waver still?
  • Earth, quaking, wavers: if that fact be true, The wavering earth forbids you waver too.
  • Cause her not to waver in her own, which she has imbibed with her mother's milk.
  • There were times when it appeared as if the faint flame of life had flickered quite out, only to waver feebly up again.
  • He could feel his legs waver at the knee, and it seemed as if a giant hand had grasped him by the spine.
  • All aglow though he is with the joy of artistic production, he dare not permit his mind to waver from the task in hand.
  • I know your loyal little heart would never waver in its affection for them, but such a decided change would not be wise.
  • The enormous body appeared to waver slightly as a breath of wind washed against it: obviously it was not gaining weight as it grew.
  • All the soft, still dream-world she had so labored to keep pure and beautiful seemed to shake and waver swimmingly.
  • This caused my faith to waver a trifle and put to flight a fine bit of literary frenzy that might have found form soon in a sonnet.
  • McClure is recognized as the father of the movement and his faith didn't waver a hair's breadth.
  • I looked in her face for any signals of anger, and seeing her eyes to waver and fall aside from mine, augured that all was well.
  • They waver in outward aspect between the beautiful youths of the "medicine-dreams" and the bestial guise of totems and protecting animals.
  • At first the plants seemed to waver and hesitate over whether they had better be wild parsnips or Lima beans.
  • She did not really waver in her determination; her mind was made up to save the Eversleighs from the calamity which threatened them.
  • Although good seems very often to be a weak and losing party in this world, men must not waver but always take cheerfully the part of good.
  • There was a depth in these that supported their air-waving tones, as pillars solid and polished a vaulted roof, where shadows waver and nestle.
  • She found her position, indeed, so far above her hopes, that she began to waver in her intention of returning to Spain.
  • So it happened that his faith in Rome began to waver more and more, and God again and again led him there where true comfort can be found.
  • But when, the next morning, Jim fell into his place as brisk as any, the warden began to waver between the lash and the pool.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Waver | Waver Sentence

  • Stephen did not waver in his allegiance.
  • His eyes did not waver now.
  • I did not waver any longer.
  • He seemed to waver as he ran.
  • Do not waver or turn aside for one moment!
  • He let its barrel waver in a semi-circle of defiance.
  • As she did so, everything seemed to waver and swim before her eyes.
  • She must have seen him, but her eyes did not waver or her colour heighten.
  • This made the whole body of archers waver and begin to fall back.
  • Despite the agony, his gaze did not waver from the video set across the room.
  • John Baxter continued to waver between this world and the next.
  • I had never any occasion to waver in my first judgment of the Colonel.
  • And, like a frail boat on a stormy sea, We waver up and down uncertainly.
  • Rollo's eyes did not waver from their inquisition of Wych Hazel's face.

Definition of Waver

(intransitive) To sway back and forth; to totter or reel. | (intransitive) To flicker, glimmer, quiver, as a weak light. | (intransitive) To fluctuate or vary, as commodity prices or a poorly sustained musical pitch.
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