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  • The waving of that pictured hand?
  • Bushy-Tail was not waving his tail so proudly now.
  • He glanced over his shoulder to see her waving him in with her hand.
  • They were waving a lantern on the beach when he struggled again to his feet.
  • He was in a frantic state of excitement and waving his arms wildly.
  • The tallyho responded with tooting horns and waving parasols.
  • Blue peaks and waving palms recede into the mists of falling night.
  • Through the waving boughs Gray could see a blue sky shining.
  • He was waving Albert back, and Albert appeared to be dissatisfied.
  • A glorious city had sprung up as though by the waving of an enchanter's wand.
  • She left the room, waving back Lessingham's attempt to open the door for her.

How To Use Waving In A Sentence?

  • They were waving their arms about and shouting, as they swayed and staggered to and fro.
  • And once more they scampered off together, chattering and waving their lovely tails.
  • A portly lady was shrieking constantly and waving her arms in a state of terror.
  • Rowing away all alone, too, and my aunt is waving her handkerchief in farewell.
  • All about him were opulent acres and waving fields of corn and big red barns crammed to bursting.
  • Like the snow-white lock waving back from her forehead, it intensified the youth in her face.
  • He lurched serenely out of the dock, waving his cap at his friends in the court, and that was all.
  • We could see his white flag waving above the undergrowth, as he came bounding towards us.
  • The man was waving a slip of paper over his head, and he was calling out something in French.
  • Much to her surprise, Louise found herself waving a vigorous adieu to the distant figure.
  • It was Andy who came galloping up, with waving handkerchief and loosely hanging reins.
  • This was to be the waving of a fire-brand by General Hayes in front of house number two.
  • She was out in the yard in the rain calling and waving the apron that she had snatched off for the purpose.
  • With a gasp of astonishment the young man struck a sputtering match and bent down waving it before him.
  • He stood in the sandy road waving his hat after them until his figure became indistinct in the distance.
  • Her pale brown hair smoothed with buttermilk in flat waving lines on each side of her fair forehead.
  • Now he is waving his hand; now they are tightening the rope; now he is waving his hand again, and they are waiting.
  • I could only see the bull's hind-quarters and his tail waving aloft like a battle-flag.
  • And suddenly Nora found herself back on her stony bench by the spring with the branches of the beech-tree waving silently before her.
  • And in the waving luxuriant grain they delighted together: Almost as high it reached as the lofty shapes that moved through it.
  • The iron horse was greeted with many salvos of applause, the waving of a thousand torches and, it is to be presumed, with the presence of a band.
  • The arrowy boy had a waving topknot of shiny, ruddy-gold hair, with bare legs and sandalled feet to make a sculptor rave.
  • The wind snatched the yells away, but the waving lantern beckoned him, and King knelt down in the dark.
  • One solitary palm-tree is an exception; it stands in some little garden in the town, and rises high above the houses, waving its graceful leaves.
  • If the disk record be dusted with talcum powder, wiped, and examined with a magnifying glass, the waving spiral line may be seen.
  • Soft, pale shadows of waving branches moved back and forth, like the ghosts of dreams, over the grassy hill and the brick pavements.
  • Her hair fell about her shoulders in waving masses, and because it was the color of gold, she was called Pretty Goldilocks.
  • They returned through the park, hardly speaking at all, Emily absent-minded as usual, waving her parasol occasionally at a passing butterfly.
  • Ladies of highest rank rustled up and curtseyed, then formed into a parterre of shot silks and waving plumes behind my Lady Camden.

Definition of Waving

present participle of wave | The motion of something that waves. | Repeated moving of arms or hands to signal.
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