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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Way Is | Way Is Sentence

  • So that way is closed.
  • Quickest way is down this alley.
  • My way is the same as yours if you will allow it.
  • In what way is it hallowed!
  • All of the way is that way.
  • The other way is not the way.
  • The way is clear now.
  • What third way is there?
  • Loving then in a way is certain.
  • Best way is not to be together.
  • No way is more clear.
  • The way is all smooth.
  • Either way is permissible.
  • The way is open to you.
  • The way is very straight and direct.
  • In what way is any man to be saved from me?
  • By the way, is it yours?
  • The secret way is opened.
  • The safest way is to borrow it.
  • Back that opposite way is your direction.
  • But the way is open forward.
  • The only way is to fetch them back.
  • The easiest way is the best.
  • And the pilgrim on her way is gone.
  • But the better way is as directed above.
  • The way is full of peril.
  • The best way is the cheapest.
  • That way is not altogether lovely.
  • Passing that way is passing away.
  • What sort of a way is that to do work?
  • But their own way is hard and lonely.
  • The way is simple enough.
  • What other way is there to fix these values in mind?
  • Still another way is to make croutons.
  • Another way is by a sponge that has been soaked in water.

How To Use Way Is In A Sentence?

  • Another way is simply to confess ignorance.
  • To put the problem in this way is to solve it.
  • The best way is to write them a letter.
  • Magnetism developed in this way is called electromagnetism.
  • The reverse of the common way is best.
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