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  • But Wayne had come back.
  • Arthur and Wayne been the sons nature had denied to her.
  • Mrs. Wayne paused with a lovely flush before going on.
  • If only Wayne or Greene were there!
  • And Wayne Shandon had the water!
  • And he and Wayne quarrelled. . . .
  • She had seen very little of Wayne Shandon.
  • He transferred it to Arthur and the Wayne you know.
  • I might have married the other Wayne Shandon.
  • And it showed her Wayne Shandon as she had never seen him.
  • But Wayne Shandon, too, seemed to have forgotten.
  • Harboro and Sylvia were taking leave of Wayne and Valdez.
  • In the meantime Wayne Shandon had at last seen Wanda.
  • Mad Anthony Wayne stormed Stony Point.
  • Rose-bud found his tongue as Wayne disappeared into his bedroom.
  • At the door of the men's quarters Wayne stopped.
  • Mrs. Wayne paused with a bridal air of important matronly responsibility.
  • Her eyes ran to Wayne Shandon's face first.
  • The next morning we rode into Corydon, the county seat of Wayne county.
  • For the moment Harboro and Valdez and Wayne were grouped near her, standing.
  • The turtles and the lizard of Monroe and Wayne counties, New York.
  • PARRISH, WAYNE W. An outline of technocracy.

How To Use Wayne In A Sentence?

  • The only lawsuit in which I was consulted was a slander case tried in Wayne county.
  • Arthur with some business reason, of course; equally of course Wayne in a mere spirit of idling.
  • With a sigh long, deep, lung filling, Wayne Shandon curbed his horse to a standstill.
  • The one Kitchell called Sergeant Wayne was a big fellow, even though he was thinned down.
  • In the battle of Brandywine, September 11, 1777, Wayne was particularly distinguished.
  • This was the sort of thing that Sledge Hume would do; should Wayne Shandon do it?
  • General Washington organized a Light Infantry Corps and put General Wayne in command.
  • The girl Wayne was to marry the next day had made her formal appearance now and was the centre of attention.
  • Jack had been looking out for that and the ruins of the old fort, because daredevil Wayne is quite one of his heroes.
  • And if Wayne were not upon his porch then Wanda was to understand that he was already riding to meet her.
  • Leland had not stirred from the chair into which he had sunk after Wayne Shandon's going.
  • He removed with his father, during childhood, and settled near Palmyra, in Wayne County, New York.
  • They came back to the fire and Wayne was shown how the air drew through the cave so that the passageway at the back gave exit to the smoke.
  • He was talking to her mother and the name flung furiously from his lips was the name of Wayne Shandon.
  • Then as he caught sight of Wayne who had leaped up and swung about he stared, suddenly speechless, his mouth dropping open.
  • When time for foreclosure came three months ago Wayne Shandon would have been notified if he had been here.
  • And then the boys were laughing and Wayne stood over him, laughing too, and he knew that his two big shoulder blades had struck the floor together.
  • Lee, who with his own command was in full retreat when he should have earnestly supported Wayne, ordered Wayne to retire.
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