Wayward In A Sentence

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  • I have been a wayward child.
  • He so wilfully wayward and you so helpless.
  • Still attend her wayward pleasure?
  • He smiled as upon a wayward child.
  • It may be that some father here has a wayward son.
  • Oh, wayward and unappreciating heart!
  • Dost thou dare show a wayward spirit here?
  • I feel an unaccountable affection for this wayward child.
  • Nurse had the wayward Ralph by the hand.
  • What, to Catullus alone if a wayward fancy resort not?
  • Wild words of all the wayward songs I sing . . .
  • Did Wild Bill recall his wayward past?
  • Swell, raging seas! frown, wayward Destinies!
  • To Guide An Ever Wayward Pen.
  • Reed yielded to a wayward impulse left over from his boyhood.
  • He was willing to concede that his imagination was wayward and romantic.
  • Anne bent down from her serenity to notice and soothe the wayward child.
  • For the man was a creature of strong passions and wayward desires.
  • No one ever felt a deeper solicitude in behalf of the wayward and thoughtless.
  • Every fresh blaze flung up by the wayward logs created new images.
  • Sole empress of a tuneful wayward choir, thoughtless and giddy.
  • They were untaught and unfed, and clamoured loudly with wayward tongues.
  • She is coach for the backward and wayward in Math.
  • The tree is wayward in its branching habit, its twigs irregular and angular.
  • Mariamne had grown more fantastic, and capricious, and wayward than ever.
  • Dolph Dennison laughed with the callousness of a wayward boy.
  • The wayward self-will of a mere girl could hardly merit such stern reprisal.

How To Use Wayward In A Sentence?

  • Goldsmith was always the wayward and erratic being whom we have represented in these pages.
  • For it appeared that the wayward pianist was very irregular and had to be constantly coaxed.
  • The wayward arrangement of the blossoms on the branch is the delight of artists.
  • He is no sedulous governess restraining and correcting the wayward steps of men.
  • In a moment of wayward impulse he had slipped up a stairway and blundered on a shrine.
  • He took her by the arm, and again she had a wayward thought of the hand of the law.
  • He caught the wayward fingers in his own and held them, drawing quite close to her.
  • This was to be our last night on the moors; the end of our wayward life had come.
  • Winnie was delighted with a bit of gorge road which played at hide and seek with a wayward brook.
  • No sooner had the thought entered the head of the wayward girl than she proceeded to act upon it.
  • Even so it is with these wayward streams that course down the sides of Ingleborough.
  • She was openly displeased, and in vain she tried to catch the eye of her wayward lord.
  • Tira watched him, fascinated by him, the strength in abeyance, the wayward will.

Definition of Wayward

given to wilful, perverse deviation from the expected norm; tending to stray | obstinate, contrary and unpredictable | (sports) not on target
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