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  • That is what we actually are.
  • Were we actually prisoners?
  • That is all that we actually want.
  • There we actually see a squirrel once in a while.
  • It seemed ages before we actually started.
  • But what is the spectacle that we actually see around us?
  • How near we actually were to the ground I did not know.
  • We actually succeeded in frightening away several timid freshmen.
  • We made only about seven miles, though we actually marched over twelve.
  • We actually had something to eat every day, and could sleep every night.

How To Use We Actually In A Sentence?

  • There was a time when we actually swallowed it because we were afraid to refuse.
  • We actually had to cut our way through the dense scrubwood until we reached the summit.
  • First of all, then, what do we actually know about the origin of these protocols?
  • By selecting the right things to do and always doing them, we actually are making our destiny.
  • Since we perceive phenomena successively, we actually believe that they follow one another.
  • Is there a God, and can we actually lead men to experience him and to grow like him?
  • Are we actually going to the dogs, or is it merely that the Club kidneys are going to the devil?
  • What we really said, what we actually did, where precisely we two went, I do not know.
  • Signs that we were approaching the famous city were visible for some distance before we actually reached them.
  • We do not merely love ourselves more than we love duty; we actually love ourselves more than we love joy.
  • It is these that we actually possess: we are called experts because we possess knowledge in some particular branch.
  • Before we actually went up to the line, we were informed that there was to be a slight alteration of battalion and brigade boundaries.
  • And with the same diligence, let us set ourselves to the preparation, as if we actually saw the enemy on that sea.
  • Several of the new books were missing before we actually missed one; then we took nightly stock, and with mortifying results.
  • What is it, then, which really tempers the corrupting effects of the power, and makes it compatible with such amount of good as we actually see?
  • It must therefore be simple, indeterminate, indifferent, possessing no essential character, resembling nothing that we actually know.
  • For some distance before we actually enter the river, its pale green current cuts a furrow sharply through the heavier salt brine of the Bay.
  • It is this period during which we actually find the Holy See left vacant most frequently for long spaces of time.
  • Curiously enough, we know more about these bodies than we do of the atom itself; we actually know their size and weight and the speed with which they move.
  • But what we actually perceive is an approximation to the instantaneous space indicated by event-particles which lie within some moment of the time-system associated with our awareness.
  • Then we had to change at the next station and wait for the connection, and we actually sat there till eight in the evening, when our train sauntered in.
  • The water arrangements had also been revolutionised, and we actually had cookers and water-carts in the lines, but the greatest joy of all was to go bathing again.
  • There they were rolling about on the troubled water, and we actually saw the body of a man caught in some of the rigging, as the sea occasionally tossed it to the surface.
  • Altogether, the actual available fighting force, I figured, would number about five hundred, by the time we actually went into action.
  • But when spring grew fine enough we actually did go for several long walks, and saw the little yellow crocuses thrusting their heads up on the hill-sides.
  • When whole faunal groups die out over large areas, the question is different, and may or may not be susceptible of explanation with the knowledge we actually possess.
  • A couple of times, with the wings retracted, we actually jetted into the air and jumped over vehicles in front of us, landing again with bone-shaking jolts.
  • My diary notes that on Christmas day we actually had a little sunshine, and that by way of adding good cheer to the occasion a ration of whiskey was issued to the men.
  • Now, before the war it was difficult enough to recruit even so many as the number we then had got, a number totally inadequate for any army larger than the small one we actually put into shape at home.
  • This was too tempting a chance to be resisted; we rushed on, taking prisoners at every step, until we actually came within sight of the gate by which the fugitives were making their escape into the town.
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