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How To Use We Learned In A Sentence?

  • It was some time before we learned the true inwardness of the events of that night.
  • At camp we learned that the horses were only mustered a few minutes before our arrival.
  • We learned afterwards that they had some more secreted, which he was not able to discover.
  • In conversing with some of these sisters, we learned how they recruited their ranks.
  • It was not till later that we learned we had appointed an unreasoning tyrant over us.
  • But during the past forty years we learned much from your scientists about space.
  • At the top was a studio; from the concierge we learned that he had asked for the artist.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For We Learned | We Learned Sentence

  • What have we learned from it?
  • What had we learned from our exploration?
  • We learned after we got here what they had done.
  • From them we learned what this strange building was.
  • We learned that in orange grafting.
  • Then first we learned the names of the fallen.
  • We learned this much in our first lesson.
  • We learned the process, which is not difficult.
  • We learned also that the amount transpired is very great.
  • We learned how to bleed men to cure them of all ailments.
  • We learned them all right, and it is a good thing we did.
  • Finally, we learned that we could with profit go no higher.
  • Also, at that time, we learned several other things.
  • And we learned much from our Teachers.
  • He was, we learned later, an exquisite dancer.
  • Here we learned that peace reigned in Chilcat.
  • We learned these details from the chamberlain Amantius.
  • In that way we learned to know the Yren and other people.
  • From these we learned in detail the forces which the enemy had.
  • What have we learned in addition to what we knew as children?
  • We learned that from your servant, whom we happened to meet.
  • We learned later that one of the inmates had died that very hour.
  • We learned the ordinances for finding the greatest common divisor.
  • We learned that the people of the city fared scarcely better.
  • Then we learned the names and good points of the cows and horses.
  • We learned that roots need heat for their growth and development.
  • We learned of the rebel guards a process not laid down in the cook-books.
  • We learned nothing of the final results of the work of this salvage corps.
  • The next day we learned that he was carried to the hospital and would recover.
  • We learned that the cavalry was on its way home, to be discharged.
  • To the carols we learned from the lark's morning song.
  • Twas a year later we learned that she went down in the sea, with all aboard.
  • A beautiful incident was the outcome, as we learned only in long after years.
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