We Still In A Sentence

How To Use We Still In A Sentence?

  • We still point to Paris.
  • And, shuddering, we still stood still.
  • We still sat apart and said little, if anything.
  • I let it go unharmed; we still had food enough.
  • We still have a few of the Lorens who joined us.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For We Still | We Still Sentence

  • But we still rolled on.
  • Abbreviations we still uncommon.
  • We still are marching on.
  • We still have judgment here.
  • And are we still secure?
  • We still make that claim.
  • We still will side with thee.
  • Perhaps we still have a winter before us.
  • We still show them reverence.
  • We still await orders!
  • Such few clothes as we still had were in rags.
  • Do we still get soul?
  • We still show the very room.
  • We still go marching on.
  • We still stand in the dawn of time.
  • Shall we still have wherewith to obtain any work at all?
  • We still missed the cricket in the papers.
  • We still consider our trip is just begun.
  • Oh, we still have our uses.
  • Had we still a great belt of ice to clear?
  • If that fails we still have a slim chance left.
  • We still say so, but we know more now than we did then.
  • We still expected her to send one our way.
  • Midwinter passed, and we still had company.
  • We still had three to four miles to go.
  • I reminded him that we still retain capital punishment.
  • Yet we still seek in vain for a dwelling secure.
  • We still employ the same system for certain purposes.
  • We still say that he cannot, but with modern refinements.
  • We still have some fairly good water in the water bags.
  • Of course we still need those, he agrees.
  • Jack, we still have plenty of work before us.
  • We still have a few such in Wales.
  • Even if we come near it, we still find a difference.
  • Like tired dogs, we still creep into our holes.
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