We Stood In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For We Stood | We Stood Sentence

  • We stood there astonished.
  • Stood right here where we stood!
  • We stood there waiting.
  • That is why we stood the test.
  • We stood on the loftiest of all.
  • We stood in front of her.
  • So we stood up and watched her.
  • We stood looking at each other.
  • We stood round in a circle.
  • We stood and warmed our hands.
  • We stood in a shadowed chamber.
  • It shook as we stood upon it.
  • We stood leaning over the staircase.
  • We stood to our arms before daylight.
  • We stood together in the dark.
  • Only we stood gazing at the darkness.
  • We stood in toward the harbor.
  • We stood silent before the fire.
  • We stood and sat motionless.
  • I too rose and we stood facing each other.
  • We stood by for two days.
  • We stood about the grave in silence.
  • We stood side by side.
  • We stood beside a carved confessional.
  • We stood there and counted eleven more shots.
  • All the gentlemen took off their hats while we stood there.
  • We stood up and rocked the boat vigorously.
  • We stood there glaring at one another.
  • We stood peering ahead from the bow.
  • And we stood gazing at the way she went.
  • We stood contemplating the rude verse.
  • We stood together for a long time.
  • We stood there staring steadily into the blackness.
  • The troups poured in as we stood and looked.
  • We stood locked in a long embrace.

How To Use We Stood In A Sentence?

  • We stood hushed like mice.
  • Thus we stood during two drenching hours.
  • We stood looking at this structure in silence.
  • We stood perfectly silent for an instant.
  • We stood on the edge of a sort of plateau.
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