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  • I struggled on, growing weaker and slower.
  • The softer the cuttings, the weaker should be the solution.
  • The strong survived, the weaker went to the ground.
  • But the Horncastle story is weaker still.
  • The child gets thinner and weaker every day; then dies.
  • A man weaker than Grant would have quailed before it.
  • Then his loyal heart seemed to cry out on his weaker self for its treachery.
  • At each move the little old lady grew weaker and more querulous.
  • In this school the moral sentiments must grow weaker and weaker every day.
  • But as he grew weaker and weaker, his sunshiny spirit shone all the brighter.
  • The Captain's cries for help became weaker and weaker.
  • She grew weaker daily, and the end came on Tuesday, December the 19th.
  • A yell of delight from the despot's own drowned a weaker chorus of protest.

How To Use Weaker In A Sentence?

  • As a consequence his attractive power over the car is growing weaker every moment.
  • Here one must exercise the family principle of responsibility toward the weaker and immature.
  • The weaker party finds, that none of his information or wit quite fits the occasion.
  • For less cured or weaker samples a lower figure may be taken, such as 60 kilos.
  • But Ireland, parcelled out among the victors, was always the weaker after every campaign.
  • A weaker soul would have flinched; to Della it was a futile check, a pebble under the wave.
  • The United States has since been eyed with suspicion by its weaker Southern neighbors.
  • He does not seem to be the only one who thinks that heroism in the hills is confined to the weaker sex.
  • The man with a strong back and the most persistent spirit was the superior of the man with education but with weaker muscles.
  • I was and am with that halo of impiety which is usually more attractive to the weaker sex than the most beautiful aureola of unsullied virtue.
  • To weaker souls this would have been a terrible discouragement, but to his ardour and self-confidence it was only a challenge.
  • If they are weaker than something which assails them, the water must come in and the ship must sink.
  • Their shadowy, silent brain power at once comes into play and gains ascendancy over his weaker will.
  • In both telegraphy and telephony, the longer the line the weaker the current which is received at the distant end.
  • The substances in solution will, under these conditions, pass from the dense to the weaker solution.
  • A weaker woman would have allowed herself to be persuaded to overlook the incident, but she was of different metal.
  • Eight is rather a large number, and the larger any board is the weaker becomes the sense of personal responsibility.
  • If he has to be included in a board of weaker men, who interfere in the administration, nothing will come of it.
  • As he was broad-shouldered and rather tall, his face seemed made for some other man much weaker than himself.
  • Plants crowd each other out of the way, the weaker giving place to the stronger; then insects come to destroy them.
  • All this time little ones were dying of hunger, and the men and women were growing weaker every day.
  • It is true that, since the governors have not as yet taken sides with them, the archbishops have always been the weaker party.
  • Physically, they were becoming weaker with each meter that they travelled, but regardless of their discomfort, they relentlessly carried-on.
  • Ali Pasha tore his beard in impotent rage on perceiving that he and all his host were at the mercy of an army even now much weaker than his own.
  • The smaller the wire, the weaker it is, and with poles a given distance apart, the strength of the wire must be above a certain minimum.
  • If the ruinous sieges have left Saragossa poorer than they found her, they certainly do not appear to have left her weaker or less fierce.
  • With all their shortcomings they are an embodiment of the idea that the stronger and more advanced nations exist to uplift the weaker and more backward.

Definition of Weaker

comparative form of weak: more weak | (logic) Said of one proposition with respect to another one: that the latter entails the former, but the former does not entail the latter.
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