Weakest In A Sentence

Definition of Weakest

superlative form of weak: most weak

How To Use Weakest In A Sentence?

  • Also because the weakest woman under such circumstances has strong convictions.
  • In the hypochondriac all nerves are weak, but those are the weakest which he has most abused.
  • It is the way with all mothers; the weakest and most unsightly are always their favorites.
  • The policy of abstention has always seemed to me the weakest possible line in politics.
  • Plymouth made a firm stand for independence, although the weakest of the colonies.
  • Both of these are avoided in the text; but this part still remains its weakest point.
  • This part of the muscular system is greatly developed in the weakest and least hardy persons.
  • I am certain if you did, that the weakest and lowest believers would all give you one answer.
  • But in the kingdom of God the very least and the very weakest may shine if they will.
  • The small of the stock is the weakest part of a gun: it is constantly broken by falls in travel.
  • But in the kingdom of God the very least and the very weakest may shine if they will.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Weakest | Weakest Sentence

  • The weakest could do that.
  • The weakest goes to the wall.
  • Here the weakest go to the wall.
  • A chain is as strong as its weakest link.
  • The weakest woman and the strongest can faint.
  • But the decalogue is no stronger than its weakest link.
  • The strongest was the weakest in thine arms.
  • The weakest infant can cry when he is hungry.
  • For no chain is stronger than its weakest link.
  • She had gone to the weakest point in his defences.
  • The weakest and feeblest shall not be left behind.
  • Where the weakest and meekest must go to the wall.
  • The last few words hit the audience in their weakest place.
  • They are the weakest (least strong) of all.
  • In it came, full on the weakest spot on his left side.
  • The shortest and weakest fell to the lot of England.
  • The weakest part of a Zeppelin is its upper envelope.
  • I think Adam waz the weakest man i ever read ov.
  • You must remember that no material is stronger than its weakest part.
  • The strength of such a union is literally the strength of its weakest link.
  • The weakest women have displayed it in face of appalling dangers.
  • The gravitation of character is naturally toward its weakest point.
  • As for the anatomy of the chicken, that was decidedly their weakest point.
  • Human beings are almost always the weakest link in computer security.
  • Rural society as a whole, is no stronger than its weakest unit.
  • Some that seemed weakest proved strongest in the final struggle for existence.
  • The conflict is irrepressible, and the weakest must go to the wall.
  • But Evelyn responded with the weakest and most hopeless little sob.
  • The weakest and the strongest of God's creations is woman.

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