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  • How have they been weaned from drink?
  • When should a child be weaned from its bottle?
  • When should a child be weaned from the bottle?
  • The world is getting weaned from this book.
  • At what age should the child be weaned from the breast?
  • A child can be safely weaned at one year of age, and sometimes less.
  • I have weaned my Fanny, and she is now eating away at the white bread.
  • But you mustn't allow yourself to be weaned away from your own country.

How To Use Weaned In A Sentence?

  • The young of the less developed quadrupeds are soon weaned and forgotten by their parents.
  • What would be the proper proportions for an infant weaned at nine or ten months?
  • What would be the proper proportions for an infant weaned at four or five months?
  • A boy is weaned at the end of twenty-six months and a girl at the end of twenty-four.
  • He then weaned the calf, which was a cow-calf, and they had no more trouble with the mother.
  • They are always nursed by the mother, and not often weaned until they are four or five years old.
  • She resolved that her husband should be weaned from the Pagans, if that were within her power.
  • A child should never be weaned during the warm weather, in June, July or August.
  • It was such incidents as these which weaned him again from his singing and his light-heartedness as the weeks passed coldly toward spring.
  • If the infant is weaned at an earlier period, it must be with the consent of both father and mother.
  • When should a child who is weaned from the breast be taught to drink from the cup, and when to take the bottle?
  • We have seen in an earlier chapter that geometry developed as a science is becoming gradually weaned from the art of surveying.
  • But when the return happens about the ninth or tenth month, the child should be weaned or the nurse changed.
  • Ye behold in me a man disgusted with the world: the loss of my son has weaned me from earthly cares.
  • In children who are weaned the causes are almost invariably improper food or food taken too frequently, or in too large quantities.
  • Can a baby just weaned take cow's milk of the same proportions as one of the same age who has had cow's milk from birth?
  • As soon as a pig is weaned he is kept in a separate pen, and one family may have in its charge three or four pens.
  • The example of this man shows how easily men may be weaned from the habits of civilized life, and brought to relish the manners of the woods.
  • And the suckling shall play upon the hole of the asp; and upon the den of the basilisk shall the new weaned child lay his hand.
  • In this way he weaned many a one, and the clothes of those with whom humane warnings availed nothing he actually put on after dinner on Sunday.
  • Wilt thou not now be weaned as children are, and take more solid food, nor cry any more after thy mother and nurse, wailing like an old woman?
  • Though the establishment of Christianity has weaned the Indians from their idolatry, yet it has not banished their old superstitions.
  • Dear maids, in thy girlhood's opening flower, Scarce weaned from the love of childish play!
  • The fancied object was not fixed: either his eyes pursued it with unwearied diligence, and, even in speaking to me, were never weaned away.
  • He'd been weaned on the idealistic purposes of the United Planets and man's fated growth into the stars.
  • With resolute hearts We held him fast, until the aged seer Was weaned out, in spite of all his wiles.
  • The disturbance in the system of the child ordinarily resulting from pregnancy in the mother is such that, as a rule, it should be at once weaned so soon as it is certain that pregnancy exists.
  • I prayed that the many evils I felt within might be done away, and that I might be weaned from my former carnal acquaintances.
  • Seventy years of the teaching of the French missionaries had not weaned the latter from cannibalism, and Old Britain was boiled and eaten.
  • When a child is weaned it may be given, in connection {320} with the milk diet, some such nourishment as broth, gruel, egg, or some prepared food.
  • Perhaps the lovely creature is after being weaned from the udder of its affectionate dam; or, perhaps, she grieves for the absence of some favorite in the palace of whom she is the pet.
  • He was weaned with difficulty from Gaelic, and only consented to preach in the "other language" on condition that he should not be restricted in time.

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simple past tense and past participle of wean
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