Weariness In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Weariness | Weariness Sentence

  • The weariness of it all!
  • The weariness is out of her manner.
  • But there was just a bit of weariness in it.
  • There was no weariness now in his voice.
  • The weariness of dinner!
  • What weariness and watching!
  • Glaucon felt the weariness fly from him.
  • He hesitates at no weariness for her sake.
  • A great weariness oppressed him.
  • I quite forgot my weariness then.
  • In his weariness he had not recognized any landmarks.
  • What weariness unspeakable is mine!
  • A sense of weariness comes on.
  • So all my labour and weariness were forgotten.
  • That thought more than balanced her weariness and hunger.
  • With a sob of weariness he loosed his hold.
  • The weariness of inaction was becoming intolerable.
  • Rather privation of limbs than weariness of doing good.
  • Her manner betrayed weariness and pain.
  • A feeling of indescribable weariness swept over him.
  • At last weariness seems to come on.
  • And he waxed cold as his weariness wore off.
  • My weariness of all this may easily be imagined.
  • But let the strikes begin and weariness disappears.
  • There was inexplicable weariness on the fair young face.
  • A look of weariness rested upon his face.
  • At length weariness overcame the whole party.
  • They spoke chiefly of the terrible weariness of the men.
  • Joe shrugged, the weariness growing.
  • I am paying the price to-day in weariness extreme.
  • It was all work and waste, weariness and want.
  • Then he plodded on again, a prey to weariness and hunger.
  • His first interest gave place to weariness and irritation.
  • No laughter came, but only a great weariness instead.
  • Night comes at last, and weariness droops upon the flesh.

How To Use Weariness In A Sentence?

  • His voice dropped, an intense weariness showed in his face.
  • Hence the weariness with which I gain anything.
  • Father Tom forgot his weariness in his stupefaction.
  • The weariness of the body I was leaving behind me.
  • Out of the weariness and pain Into everlasting gain.

Definition of Weariness

Exhaustion, fatigue or tiredness. | A lack of interest or excitement.
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