Wears in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Wears

1. She wears a rosary at her waist. 🔊

2. The night wears slowly away. 🔊

3. She wears beautiful jewels to-night. 🔊

4. The long summer day wears slowly away. 🔊

5. She is a busy little woman and wears gray boots. 🔊

6. Love, wears spectacles, 163. 🔊

7. The red haw wears a little fine golden lace. 🔊

8. She wears a dress of white satin and has feathers in her hair. 🔊

9. He usually has a new suit and wears a flower in his buttonhole. 🔊

10. A driver is difficult to recognise if he wears another overcoat, you see. 🔊

11. His house is very large, and he wears a beautiful coat of black velvet. 🔊

12. He wears rubber gloves of a dirty orange color, evidently much used. 🔊

How to use Wears in Sentences?

1. He who only wears the garb of piety does less harm than the professed sinner. 🔊

2. The girl he wanted to marry died of turberculosis, and he wears a locket with her in it yet. 🔊

3. Others find one sooner or later, or the bright edge of impatient youth wears off. 🔊

4. Carpets with much white are prized, as the white becomes primrose, a colour which wears well. 🔊

5. He carried it with him as a devoted Romanist wears a sacred scapulary next to the heart. 🔊

6. He wears an air of sadness and disappointment which makes him attractive, and his manners are gentle and refined. 🔊