Weather in a sentence

Definition of Weather

(sailing, geology) Facing towards the flow of a fluid, usually air. | To expose to the weather, or show the effects of such exposure, or to withstand such effects. | (by extension) To sustain the trying effect of; to bear up against and overcome; to endure; to resist.

How to use Weather in a Sentence?

  • On the present occasion the weather was as bright and propitious as could be desired.
  • The season had commenced with the finest of weather and it bade fair to continue indefinitely.
  • The weather was fine, and they did not at first trouble themselves about any permanent shelter.
  • When there was no news he discussed the winds and waves, as we talk of the weather and the crops.
  • Every sign of wind and weather must be observed, as all help in the silent trade.
  • The coming of the scoter brought flush times, and in hard weather our takes were tremendous.
  • In moderate weather resting places in grass forms, brush piles and thickets were used.
  • A dark windy night is best for the work, as in such weather rabbits feed far out in the fields.
  • The weather was so tempestuous that it required fifteen days to reach the harbor of Tripoli.
  • Our weather is seldom so cold as in the Frigid Zones, nor so warm as in the Torrid Zone.
  • At ten minutes past five, finding I could weather the enemy, I hoisted American colors and tacked.
  • People can work better here where we do not have either intensely hot or intensely cold weather all of the time.
  • She threw out some desperate remark about the weather or the scenery, and wondered what would happen next.
  • If you pass a weather vane on your way home, see if you can read the letters on it and find out what they mean.
  • Care should be taken in cold weather to maintain the temperature of the battery above 65 deg. or 70 deg.
  • I am staying here longer, owing to the weather being so fine, and also not having gone to the country at all during the summer.
  • The weather being inclement, they felt it their duty to keep us in doors, lest we should catch cold!
  • When on the next day the wind had abated a little, and the weather was altogether finer, we went out for a stroll to the sands.
  • Fifteen per cent were found in severe summer weather, and five per cent were found at times when the weather was not severe.
  • The weather was still calm and beautiful; the sky cloudless, and the sea shining in the sunlight, as calm as a lake.
  • If only the pond froze, and the cold weather held on for a week or two, there would be no trace that could lead to a suspicion of anything else.
  • Barometer was pumping at sunset last night, and it's pumping now, though the weather sharps say it don't mean anything.
  • It was in the month of November, but the weather was mild and lovely, and a soft blue haze seemed to veil the woods.
  • The day was delightful, the weather as beautiful as it can be in an English June, and the lunch gay.
  • If the weather was cold, then, in the time of greatest need, Juniper had always an extra flask of spirits to supplement what his master carried.
  • These things we were wont to discuss when wild weather prevented our leaving the hut; and all our plans were tested by experiment before they were put into practice.

Short Example Sentence for Weather

  • What kind of weather are we having now?
  • A period of unfavorable weather set in.
  • In cold weather it is changed into snow.
  • Make haste and come, for the weather is just right.
  • In Weather most serene and bright.
  • United States Weather Bureau forecast for June 15th.
  • The gusty, showery weather got down to a chill unpleasant spell finally.
  • I suppose you know what ten days of bad weather in the Channel are like?
  • If the weather improves, this well-known fine ship may yet be saved. . .
  • When the Ice-Saints had departed the weather grew mild again.
  • Though it needs no prophet to foretell hot weather from June 6 to June 23.
  • For all the busy Winter, warm weather hurt the photo playhouse at Fairlands.
  • This morning has been the only patch of decent weather we've had.
  • Where there's none but golden weather an' a sky that's always blue.

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