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  • Weaving like shuttles my web of rhyme.
  • Let him rot in the web of lies he spins!
  • It stretches its glittering web across the night.
  • Skulda hath woven the web and golden is its woof.
  • Another Criminal Web of Scientific Mystery.
  • He was wondering where was the flaw in the web he had woven.
  • The web of all the centuries is woven after the one pattern.
  • The spider caught it and spun it into a web and fastened her with it.
  • Like a thread in the woof it cuts the web of nearly every green.
  • The paper is now not in sheets, but in a long web like a web of cloth.
  • Dangers will be thine, many and dire; but the web of thy fate is spun.
  • Mrs. Ik-to ran down her web a little way, then she stopped and shook it.
  • Langley don't play pool much; not at Web Saunders' place, anyhow.
  • Listen--her web is wide!
  • Old Mrs. Ik-to the Black Spider had built the web as a trap to catch flies in.
  • But sometimes that spider's web gets all mussed up and broken.
  • A silken web of dreams and joys--a snare . .

How To Use Web In A Sentence?

  • For while he hugged himself in the security of his fortress, the web of his destiny was weaving.
  • In one corner stood the loom and stretched upon it the half-made web of a shawl.
  • About them the city throbbed in a web of misty twilight, the humid farewell of a dismal day.
  • Yet, somehow, men must forever weave themselves into the web of a narrative such as this.
  • Greatness is to be thy portion, and thou shalt not spoil the web woven for thee by this thing.
  • The web is made up of the most diverse elements, beyond treatment multitudinous....
  • The Web was to be the new portal through which the middle class could invest in the stock market.
  • Within your magic web of hair lies furled The fire and splendour of the ancient world.
  • Deeply I pondered again and again, but could make nothing of that tangled web of startling facts.
  • Certes I have often thought I could design a fairer web than that the fates weave for us.
  • Ah-mo the Honey Bee had blundered, into the web and was trying hard to get away.
  • Do you think Web Saunders is goin' to quit sellin' rum because we say he ought to?
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  • Please check the Project Gutenberg Web pages for current donation methods and addresses.
  • And, circled by the amber air, Life sits with beauty and perfume Weaving the new web of her loom.
  • The web of a lifelong service and devotion still clung about her, but she was bereft of the creature for whom it had been spun.
  • A miserable pageant got up merely to attract the unsuspecting foreigner into the web spread for him by extortionate hotel-keepers.
  • It was pleasant because it was strange, outlandish, suggesting a wide web of life beyond her own knowledge.
  • Just then she had lost the thread of that newly-woven web on which her busy wits had set to work, and she was staring at one of the long windows.
  • A dozen times a day she slipped into her room to take the floating, filmy web from its box, and spread it out to gloat over it.
  • Leaving the old spider to mend her web as well as she could, little Luke got over the fence into the pasture.
  • That he was caught fast in the web of the tribal instinct, Corinna realized as perfectly as if she had seen the net closing visibly round him.
  • Ah-mo the Honey Bee was not so much entangled by the web that he could not sting and the old spider knew that.

Definition of Web

(intransitive) To construct or form a web. | (transitive) To cover with a web or network. | (transitive) To ensnare or entangle.
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