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  • Our first wedding trip!
  • All the wedding clothes were ready.
  • The wedding is to take place in six weeks.
  • Such an occasion arose with the wedding of the only daughter of the house.
  • They stayed in their wedding chamber and consummated their promise.
  • In the excitement of the wedding she had forgotten her weekly shopping.
  • She went to the cook and asked to be allowed to make the wedding cake.
  • Hear the mellow wedding bells, Golden bells!
  • Cupid's address at wedding of Quiteria, 153.
  • You can't go back to your Brother's house on your wedding day.
  • Do you know what I'd like to give them as a wedding present?

How To Use Wedding In A Sentence?

  • The wedding party walked into the churchyard on tiptoe as if they were trespassers.
  • Nothing so commonplace as a wedding ring was to be observed amongst this eccentric collection.
  • Everyone was happy at the wedding and somber at the funeral, as it was normal to be.
  • Then she looked for her handkerchief, but was there ever a pocket in a wedding dress?
  • They were married very soon and never had such a wedding taken place in Glogova before.
  • You too they will contrive shall see the child, Or else the wedding must proceed.
  • And so, Sophy, I have spoiled the wedding favours, and scattered the bridesmaids!
  • In short the preparation for the wedding was all rustic, but in sufficient abundance to have feasted an army.
  • It was in this hall that Henry IV. celebrated his wedding with Marguerite de Valois.
  • After much thought, she had decided to hold the reception after the wedding in the front room, as it was the largest.
  • They are to drive at once after the wedding to the Park in the squire's dog-cart.
  • At a wedding he does not take a prescribed fee, but makes a bargain, usually with the family of the bride.
  • She was touched but alarmed, and decided that she would better hasten the wedding if only to put a stop to this indiscriminate twigging.
  • Another wedding was in progress, so they sat down in the narrow, uncomfortable pews, waiting their turn.
  • The woman at the door laughed loudly, and pretended to examine with keen interest a new wedding ring on her finger.
  • The squire, his wife, and daughters are to be there, and after the wedding there is to be a short service and an address from the clergyman.
  • Her wedding in the form of a mare to Vivasvat in the guise of a horse has already been spoken of and discussed.
  • Papa got a letter from Barker this morning, and we are going out to choose him a wedding present.
  • The bridal couple, as well as the wedding guests, were in the gayest mood, and the ball was an undoubted success.
  • Sometimes she got a wedding order, and furnished the house out of her amazing collection, supplemented by her bargains at the next auction sale.
  • The wedding dress of her grandmother, modernized for use, with sundry ornaments, handed down as heirlooms in the family.
  • And the swallow sat on his nest above, and sang his sweetest bridal song for the wedding of little Thumbelina.
  • When the girl showed the Queen the empty rooms and the great piles of thread, the wedding was announced.
  • Ada, feeling that the bride was eclipsed, pretended that her wedding ring was hurting her, and drew all eyes to that badge of honour.
  • At first she would not go to the wedding at all, but she had no peace, and must go to see the young Queen.
  • And the wedding feast lasted for eight whole days, and the three monster wizard dogs sat at the table, staring around them with all their eyes.
  • The newspapers described the Yorke-Lancaster wedding as one of the most brilliant affairs of the season.
  • A war opportunely breaks out in which, after prodigies of valor, the Moor is converted and baptized, and the wedding follows.
  • He asked permission of Hoolagoo to espouse her, and, by the directions of that prince, the wedding was celebrated with great solemnity.

Definition of Wedding

(intransitive, humorous) To participate in a wedding. | Marriage ceremony; ritual officially celebrating the beginning of a marriage. | Joining of two or more parts.
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