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  • What weddings were feasted!
  • At other weddings she had been moved.
  • Peasant weddings are usually in autumn.
  • The use of torches at weddings is very ancient.
  • I think weddings are a frightful ordeal.
  • The weddings that we hold are frequent and various.
  • The use of bridesmaids at weddings is of remote antiquity.
  • Only very quiet weddings take place in the morning hours.
  • It had been hideously long, but weddings always were.
  • We have several meagre pictures of weddings in early days.
  • The dance is performed at weddings and other festive occasions.
  • He says he never brings it to the house weddings unless specially requested.
  • He goes to 'most all the scrimptious weddings that have harps to them.

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  • So the three weddings were celebrated that same day, but with a great difference.
  • The generality of weddings are uninteresting, but occasionally something unique is introduced.
  • Both were in the fine apparel of their parts; thoughts of weddings hummed in both of their heads.
  • All weddings were private, none but officers who were to perform the ceremony being present.
  • All the relatives and friends who go to weddings were also wont to take each some little present.
  • According to the different seasons of the year, the weddings may take on varying characters.
  • One week from that day two weddings were solemnized in that house; but only one couple went away.
  • The drinking of wine in the Church at weddings is enjoined by the Hereford Missal.
  • The entertainment at these anniversary celebrations is very much the same as at weddings or other gatherings.
  • It is probable that most weddings were a good deal simpler than those described by our chief authorities.
  • Obviously among those present were some who failed to feel the enthusiasm for weddings that his new friend felt.
  • He understood vaguely that weddings were expensive affairs, and he had thirty shillings in his pocket.
  • For church weddings everything pertains to formality, and the invitation as well as the ceremony is impressive in all details.
  • Home weddings are attended with much less trouble, fatigue and expense than fashionable church weddings.
  • It is well known that the weddings of ancient days were celebrated with a festive publicity rejected by the delicacy of modern times.
  • Rural weddings and "roaring wakes" were then occasions for social rendezvous, which were not to be overlooked.
  • They flourish only at weddings and at funerals, especially at funerals, for mankind collected enjoys woe.
  • In weddings at churches a master of ceremonies is often provided, who is expected to be at the church as soon as the doors are opened.
  • In their threadbare clothes they looked like the supernumeraries that represent rank and fashion at stage weddings in third-rate theatres.
  • These last three ceremonies are only performed at the weddings of persons of high rank; they are not observed at the weddings of ordinary persons.
  • At choral weddings the clergy and choir head the bridal procession and lead the way to the chancel, singing a hymn the while.
  • He was now a private investigator and, with his wife, ran a photography salon specializing in weddings and portrait photos.
  • The three weddings immediately took place, and the kingdoms were divided as the Princess had proposed.
  • At large weddings as many as half a dozen, or more, ushers are sometimes needed to manage the great number of guests.
  • Oftener the two recalled old adventures and scenes of their regimental days, and discussed the weddings of the two Indian sisters.
  • I knew now the genesis of every didactic verse that 'coldly furnished forth the marriage table' in the announcement of weddings in the rural Press.
  • At weddings which take place at 2.30 p.m., a luncheon is frequently given at 3, followed by a "tea" at 4.

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Third-person singular simple present indicative form of wedding | plural of wedding
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