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  • A wonderful week followed.
  • Next week the baby died.
  • One week it is whiting and another codling.
  • And so on and so on, week after week.
  • The next week the young man came again.
  • But a great deal chanced in that week besides.
  • He dined out four times the week we came away.
  • A week before, all these soldiers were in Prussian blue.
  • A week or two ago Mr. Blank-Blank dined with us.
  • For myself it had been a week crowded with great recollections.
  • Clay had brought with him a stock of food sufficient for a week or more.
  • There was no question of a week now, no question of time at all.
  • I used to remember his walking into a fire outdoors when he was a week old.
  • I have a fire in this room three times a week in bad weather.
  • Good any night this week on account of to-night's storm.
  • It took a week for a coach to go as far as a train can go now in a few hours.
  • I had just come across those "long nines" a few days or a week before.
  • I had not had him a week before he put me behind all the curtains in Venice.
  • He died about a week after mamma and papa reached Hartford.
  • In the beginning of the second week I conquered the last doubters.
  • They shot each other up terribly, and a week or so later Feltz died.
  • During the whole week I was forced to submit and to suffer like a saint.
  • However, during the week spent at Toocog in March no rain fell.
  • Kiel Week thenceforward was an endless round of Anglo-German pleasantries.

How To Use Week In A Sentence?

  • Between them they earned twenty-eight shillings a week and felt themselves millionaires.
  • I write to say that a week must yet elapse before the works can be dispatched to you.
  • I did not hear the talk, but it was almost a week before I heard the piano again.
  • The only thing I'm afraid of is that she'll get tired of her bargain before the week is out.
  • A week later she took to her bed, almost blind, her poor old wits scattered beyond recovery.
  • The parole was easily secured, but a week passed before they considered it safe to move Randolph.
  • Another week passed away, and Emily began to assume an air of languor and timid yearning.
  • It was exactly ten years to the week since British warships had last been to Kiel.
  • Within a week all Missouri will be ablaze, and the hottest place for Yankees in all Christendom.
  • The Cardinals could not determine whom to chuse for Head of the Church, till about a Week ago.
  • Within a week she was knocking at our door and expressing her willingness to resume her place in our chambers.
  • A quiet day in reading and rest did wonders in refreshing the tired out motion picture friends after a week of unusual activity and excitement.
  • It was only the stress and excitement of the shipwreck last week that he ventured to steal the chart which I had so carefully prepared for him.
  • If only the pond froze, and the cold weather held on for a week or two, there would be no trace that could lead to a suspicion of anything else.
  • Patricia would have thought it a mistake a week ago, but now she believed Rosamond capable of forgetting to tell her such a momentous fact.
  • But at the end of a week his health began to give way, and, like a man after a violent debauch, he thought of returning to a more normal existence.

Definition of Week

Any period of seven consecutive days. | A period of seven days beginning with Sunday or Monday. | A period of five days beginning with Monday.
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