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How To Use Weight On In A Sentence?

  • In this case the object of the tip is to throw the weight on to the heels and quarters.
  • Walking required the same exertion as would carrying a man of his own weight on his shoulders.
  • It is said many of the drivers grew bald from the constant weight on their heads.
  • She had caught a glimpse of the blue paper weight on the table during that stolen interview.
  • But he did not feel satisfied, and the weight on his heart grew heavier and heavier.
  • This reduces the rigid wheel-base to some extent, but retains the same weight on drivers.
  • When moved over in the box she put a little weight on the foot, but limped very decidedly.
  • He walked slowly, and seemed very careful about bearing his weight on the afflicted member.
  • Zircon secured the end of the ladder to the spikes, then put his weight on it, testing.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Weight On | Weight On Sentence

  • Veronica again felt a weight on her heart.
  • Then he felt a weight on his shoulder.
  • I put a weight on the book.
  • She rested her weight on her left foot.
  • I put most of my weight on the large pedal.
  • I have a two-pound weight on each eyelid.
  • They threw their weight on the lever and shut it off.
  • A heavy weight on my feet stirred me from oblivion.
  • He crept round to the handle and bore his weight on it.
  • Hal resumed his duties with a heavy weight on his heart.
  • The words fell with weight on my distracted mind.
  • Feeble-mindedness is an absolute dead-weight on the race.
  • He got red in the face and threw all his weight on it.
  • Charley suddenly threw his entire weight on the rope.
  • Squire, that gell is a weight on my chest.
  • No matter how heavy, a weight on the market!
  • There was, however, a weight on his mind.
  • Emett, too, had all his weight on the lasso round her neck.
  • She limped, and would put no weight on one leg.
  • Hapgood moved and groaned as he put his weight on a sore muscle.
  • He awoke the next morning with a strange weight on his heart.
  • He seemed to feel an actual ponderous weight on his young shoulders.
  • My thoughts of him had been bitter, for he was a sore weight on my hands.
  • I waked up feelin' a strange weight on my heart.
  • His pony stumbled, went down heavily with its weight on his leg.
  • A pound weight on the moon would scale six pounds on the earth.
  • I see him hang on to the valves, and put his whole weight on the levers.
  • Hayes smiled, shifting easily so as to rest his weight on one leg.
  • Keith was leaning forward across the table now, resting his weight on one hand.
  • There, rest your weight on that rail, and begin to work both feet free.
  • However that be, there was a weary weight on everything around Kilronan.
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