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How To Use Weightiest In A Sentence?

  • They turned to the diviner mind, and exercised themselves with the weightiest and most universal circumstances of the destiny of mankind.
  • The world of his day came to this fledgling doctor with the weightiest questions, and received answers that satisfied.
  • The concerns of the parish and the merits of the minister were the weightiest affairs, and a church reproof the heaviest calamity.
  • On one side the weightiest expert proof, on the other nothing but a conviction to oppose to what appear to be the hardest facts.
  • Observe you, my good fellow, these are petty matters; but petty matters often bear the weightiest result in the management of life.
  • And Mrs. Farwell always insisted that she discussed the weightiest problems of life when she was running for a trolley.
  • So he took the weightiest pieces of iron and put them into his furnace and he brought out the secret tools that he used when a masterwork was claimed from his hands.
  • It is the reckless representative of world political expansion, the strongest driver of competition in armaments, and therewith one of the weightiest exponents in the creation of the causes for the present war.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Weightiest | Weightiest Sentence

  • It contained the weightiest of secrets.
  • Thus the weightiest matters were decided without difficulty.
  • This, we may truly say, is a point of the weightiest moment.
  • Among these the weightiest was the silent George Washington.
  • Suspense was ended, but Nelson's weightiest responsibility had yet to be met.

Definition of Weightiest

superlative form of weighty: most weighty
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