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  • His belief in the weird treatment of disease he has adopted is seemingly unshakable.
  • Countless stories are afloat concerning this weird maelstrom of mud and bubbling water.
  • The flares lit up the swamp, sending weird shadows here and there as the canoes advanced.
  • He listened for code on the sonar equipment, but heard only the weird and nameless sea-sounds.
  • She knew there was some weird old legend associated with it, some old Indian folklore.
  • The weird woodland, sombre and illimitable, covered hill and vale, tableland and mountain-peak.
  • The presence of the savages lent a weird fury to the scene, made it, indeed, well-nigh uncanny.
  • When evening closed around us that day, I found myself alone amidst a wild, weird scene.
  • Report had it that there was a real ghost to be seen there, and the boys were bent on discovering the truth of this weird story.
  • The tandems would be steered by weird and devious routes to evade the bare chance of his bloodshot eye.
  • Must she remain alone in this weird place, and walk continually in this garden of colourless flowers?
  • The noise approaches and enters the room; as he looks up he sees the well-known weird shape before him.
  • Now and again the weird blaze of a furnace, or the shifting beam of an advertisement, attracted our attention.
  • A loon laughed at them as they passed, and an invisible wolf on a mountainside sent forth its long weird cry of defiance.
  • In olden times these weird lights of the sky were supposed only to flash forth when "kings or heroes" fell.
  • The weird call for help brought Scraggs around to a fuller realization of the enormity of the disaster which had overtaken him.
  • We turned to the planet, whose enormous disc, muffled in cloud, was shining lividly in the weird sky.
  • The young people voted the party a "grand success," and the two weird sisters the most bewitching of all the witches.
  • These visions are hence not altogether produced by the imagination, but have, so to say, a grain of truth around which the weird form is woven.
  • As soon as he dared he began his weird progress, quaking at every sound he made lest it should rouse those keen-eared sleepers so close around him.
  • Through a channel bordered with weird mangroves, the boat enters a long, slow river, flowing between boundless palm-forests.
  • Myra, sitting brooding on her misery, became strangely roused, as she heard the weird instrument played upon by a master hand.
  • On the night of the thirty-first the home of the Deans was brilliantly lighted, and the grounds were full of weird lights and mysterious music.
  • He thought that she was more like a child of Satan kept there by these two weird harridans for the love of the Devil.
  • The city, which looks so weird and romantic by moonlight, loses much of its beauty, though not its interest, when seen by the broad light of day.
  • He had remembered the cry, weird and long-drawn, which Enid and he had heard from their cosy retreat at the marsh-side two nights ago.
  • Whatever foundation there might have been for these stories, it was certain that a more weird and desolate-looking spot could not have been selected for their theatre.
  • A few of the friends and relatives of some of the deceased accompanied this weird procession, but the greater number of the dead had been consigned to the care of the muleteers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Weird | Weird Sentence

  • To me there is in it something very weird and strange.
  • There is surely something weird about it.
  • The scene was yet more weird than in the daytime.
  • He makes the weird ones mad.
  • The Weird of the Wentworths, Vol.
  • My mother's voice was a weird voice.
  • Her face took on a very serious, almost weird and tragic expression.
  • She had taken the weird sea-tossed thing to her heart, for weal or woe.
  • The Judies were disporting themselves at one of their weird games.
  • Are these weird and mystic voices But creations of the brain?
  • It wailed out in a wild, weird shriek that spoke of panic, danger, death.
  • Ashdown Forest with the unmistakable weird clump of firs at Wych Cross.

Definition of Weird

Having an unusually strange character or behaviour. | Deviating from the normal; bizarre. | (archaic) Of or pertaining to the Fates.
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