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  • Some of the Triana gipsies are the swarthiest and weirdest of their race.

How To Use Weirdest In A Sentence?

  • Egypt is the strangest land, the weirdest land, the saddest land in all the world.
  • The sad voice of a man was singing a weird, weird song, the weirdest song I have ever heard.
  • It were simply vain to single out any particular adventure in a narrative which teems with happenings of the weirdest kind.
  • One of the weirdest symptoms of decay in our day is the way the whole social system seems to have conspired to shut out the child.
  • I think that perhaps, of all the views I have seen in the West, this was one of the weirdest and wildest.
  • It is the weirdest flower that grows, so palpably ghastly that we feel almost a cheerful satisfaction in the perfection of its performance and our own responsive thrill, just as we do in a good ghost story.
  • The sky on the battle line to-night is the weirdest sight; our guns are very busy, and they are making yellow flashes like huge sheets of summer lightning.

Definition of Weirdest

superlative form of weird: most weird
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