Well To In A Sentence

How To Use Well To In A Sentence?

  • I shoved in well to the back.
  • It is as well to be on the safe side.
  • Would it not be well to have one other man?
  • It will be well to provide against eventualities.
  • You do well to take the orders.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Well To | Well To Sentence

  • It is well to have both.
  • It is well to have both.
  • And you did well to promise.
  • Look well to your primings.
  • Seasoning well to taste.
  • And we do well to be clear about this.
  • Probably he does well to be angry.
  • Would it not be well to save them?
  • Jeffrey did well to wonder.
  • Would it not be well to know this?
  • It is well to be old.
  • It is well to remember this.
  • It is well to have learned that.
  • But it is well to ask.
  • I do well to be angry.
  • They will do well to supply themselves.
  • You will do well to send her to me.
  • Rome did well to be serious.
  • But now you will do well to watch me!
  • It is well to know it.
  • Look well to your friend.
  • It is well to be prepared.
  • It is well to see this.
  • And it will be well to have some truth about her.
  • You did well to wait.
  • Pickwickian students are well to the front.
  • Perhaps it may be as well to humour him.
  • Well, to our subject.
  • Beat well to mix and then use.
  • Beat well to free from lumps.
  • Blend well to thoroughly mix.
  • He knew it too well to mistake it.
  • It will be well to explain how they are arranged.
  • It is well to perplex a man.
  • As well to let it rest.
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