Went In A Sentence

How To Use Went In A Sentence?

  • Presently her face cleared and she went over to the table where they were busy with the views.
  • Patricia went as far as the green entrance door with her and kissed her warmly.
  • She went to her room with a lighter heart and the day ended triumphantly with her.
  • Some were doubtless impressed, and went away enthusiastic about that young warrior.
  • The roller was moved by clockwork, and the advertisements went round like the towel.
  • We went into the garden and spent the best part of the morning walking about the lake....
  • She supported herself, and went about by herself, looking a poor, lost little thing.
  • I went down there hoping to get a clerkship on board one of the Transatlantic steamers.
  • So that if I ever went there again the place would still possess the charm of novelty.
  • I went to his house yesterday (my third attempt to see him), but he had left town.
  • Then Ford went upstairs to take his paint off, and Hubert walked about the stage with Brown.
  • My commanding officer left me there to await the necessary transport while he went back to camp to send it.
  • Elinor promised to keep an eye on her erring husband and see that everything went smoothly this time.
  • All went well till one day she surpassed herself by transforming a certain stately matron into a veritable sylph.
  • Hubert thought she looked even prettier in her displeasure than she had done in her joy; and he went to sleep thinking of her.
  • He could hardly contain himself; the emotion that discussion with this sick girl caused him went to his head.
  • And she went up the wide oak staircase, thinking of the man who lay dead in the room at the end of the passage.
  • Elinor did not understand that it was Doris he was speaking of and she smiled her acquiescence and went gracefully out on the floor.
  • You went to a village hoping to find in it a stock of good things, and you found only this old woman and nothing else.
  • But every time any one went outside the jong from his quarters, he had to go down this slimy black artery and return the same way.
  • Then an artist came into the neighbourhood, the two became friends, and went together on a long sketching tour.
  • For the sake of those who went through this trial and were not found wanting, Tibetan warfare should not be despised.
  • I went to live with my sister, and she was so poor that I had to support myself by giving music-lessons.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Went | Went Sentence

  • He went into the air.
  • She went on less gayly.
  • They went down to the next landing.
  • They went into the drawing-room.
  • Maids came and went across the courtyard.
  • So we went down the hill with glad hearts.
  • So up we went to bed, full of peace.
  • She took his arm, and they went into the dining-room.
  • Emily went straight to Hubert.
  • I think it went very well indeed....
  • One day he went to Hampstead Heath.
  • Then Emily went on: 'You won't tell any one I told you?
  • Patricia's hopes went down with a flop!
  • I shouldn't be surprised if she went off her head.
  • I went into the bedroom with the telegram concealed somewhere on my person.
  • She waited for the hour to strike; it was then that she usually went to bed.
  • Hubert went up to Montague Ford's room.

Definition of Went

simple past tense of go | (nonstandard) past participle of go | (archaic) simple past tense and past participle of wend
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