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  • Patients were examined weekly and re-classified.
  • All specimens were examined at least once a day.
  • Plugs were swung back and the gun bores were examined.
  • Having done that, witnesses were examined summarily.
  • Life-belts were examined, and their straps adjusted.
  • We were examined; but no attempt was made to speak us.
  • Cooks, barbers, waiters, etc., were examined.
  • Once more the charges were examined and the accused acquitted.
  • Endoparasites were saved when stomach and intestinal contents were examined.
  • They were examined by competent specialists who arrived at no conclusion.
  • Carefully the photographs were examined by men expert in such matters.
  • All patients were examined, when they entered the hospital and classified.
  • Parliament was called together, and the books of the company were examined.
  • The rest of the crew were examined, but nothing was elicited from them.
  • A number of witnesses were examined, and some astounding facts elicited.
  • The water tanks were examined, and found to contain a week's supply at least.

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  • They were examined carefully, and all but one telegram were duly handed back to the butler.
  • Has ever false prophet lived beyond his generation, if his prophecies were examined?
  • Others were examined, who saw parts of the two transactions, and then the testimony closed.
  • The men were examined, and re-examined by the doctor, for all would not be allowed to leave.
  • A large number of ancient sites and mounds were examined in the neighborhood of Repalle.
  • Sixteen of the principal obstetric practitioners of Great Britain were examined on this point.
  • They were examined by the Camp Doctor, and released as unfit for military service.
  • Here we entered Albania, and were examined by a fierce-looking Customs official.
  • Other quite similar ruins a short distance north of the city of Omaha were examined by Gilder.
  • These also were examined by me at the office of the Attorney General March 23, 1891.
  • Maps plotted by surveying parties were examined and materially aided in selecting the most advantageous communication.
  • Next day they were examined again and subjected to various sentences according to their supposed delinquencies or their ability to do mischief.
  • When the casks arrived and were examined, they were found to contain cochineal and ingots of silver.
  • We were led to a divan, and cigarettes and coffee promptly brought to us while our passports were examined.
  • Various other temples were examined hastily on the way to the royal palace, but they were only a repetition of what they had often seen before.
  • Of a total of thirty-four pupils who were examined at the end of the course, only two failed to pass.
  • The authors were examined, and upon the advice of wise and learned men the definitorio resolved to give the sentence.
  • In the interim, several of the household servants were examined, but without bringing any new facts to light.
  • If all this talus were examined, much material might be found, but the result would not justify the labor.
  • On both sides a large number of witnesses were examined, many being persons of respectability, while some were of high station.
  • If it were examined microscopically, it would show itself to be a more or less distinctly laminated mineral substance, and nothing more.
  • Other witnesses were examined, and old witnesses were recalled hour after hour and day after day, without effect.
  • Odin knew little of such matters, but he sat daily at the council table where progress reports and squawk-sheets were examined and discussed.
  • Through this opening, the appearance of the coats of the stomach and food, at different stages of digestion, were examined.
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