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  • Thereafter they were free.
  • What if she were free?
  • His hands were free.
  • The settlers were free.
  • And now he was saying that they were free!
  • Both of his hands were free.
  • The kings were free in this matter.
  • They were free of those two enemies.
  • After this they were free to talk of other things.
  • In ten minutes both were free.
  • To be free again as these voices were free!
  • Would mankind be at all better off if women were free?
  • It was a prayer which they were free to heed or to neglect.
  • I told him that if he were free he might join me.
  • He took it knowing that you were free at the time.
  • By authority the craftsmen of the guilds were free.
  • Penny made certain that all the ropes were free running.
  • When at length the words came they were free enough.
  • His hands were free, he knew.
  • The shells were free and we could shoot all we wanted.
  • He followed the instructions, and the drawers were free.
  • Camp made, we were free to go fishing.
  • But now, at last, they were free!
  • He loosened his quiver and made sure the arrows were free.
  • Moreover they were free men, and enjoyed their freedom.
  • She had said she would feel safer if his arms were free!
  • Victory was theirs and the Cantons were free.
  • We now felt we were free, though not formally told so.
  • The shutter flew back, and the drawers were free.
  • Oh, that he were free as they, winged as the wind!
  • Her arms were lashed tight, but her legs were free.
  • Her wrists and her head were free....
  • The French were free to act.
  • So Ruth found that for a while her eyes were free.
  • To his joy, he felt the cord part, and his hands were free.

How To Use Were Free In A Sentence?

  • If they two, she and Eugene, had met while both were free?
  • Would to God that I were free, and had time to read them.
  • We were free!
  • We were free.
  • My hands were free.
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