Were Over In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Were Over | Were Over Sentence

  • Would that it were over now!
  • If only that were over!
  • There were over a hundred in all.
  • And my heydays were over.
  • And there were over forty of them!
  • In a twinkling we were over.
  • Now all our troubles were over.
  • The partings were over.
  • His worries were over.
  • Her sufferings were over.
  • The ten minutes were over.
  • The spinning and weaving were over now.
  • Then at last his troubles were over.
  • The examinations were over and done.
  • I wish this evening were over!
  • There were over a thousand guests.
  • And you were over here ...
  • By midnight the gaieties were over.
  • Its captive days were over.
  • His days of starvation were over.
  • I thought these things were over.
  • The days of famine were over.
  • The famous riots were over.
  • His wanderings for the night were over.
  • O that the paying-out were over!
  • In a few minutes they were over the range.
  • The days of chivalry were over.
  • She knew that her immediate troubles were over.
  • Why, they were over thirty!
  • All the fuss and feathers and foofaraw were over.
  • By now we were over line after line of trenches.
  • The years of misery and war were over.
  • The hospitable days at that house were over.
  • The days of picking up gold were over.
  • Being young we were over-hopeful.

How To Use Were Over In A Sentence?

  • It must not be imagined that all our troubles were over.
  • At last the two long days were over.
  • The scientists were over his head in short order.
  • Things were over; things at home were all over.
  • Well, his troubles were over for the night.

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