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How To Use Were Removed In A Sentence?

  • When those were removed it was fortified and protected from the invasions of enemies.
  • When these were removed, it was discovered that there was a very fine wainscoting.
  • These suckers were removed by pinching them off with the thumb and finger nails.
  • Nursing females of both species were removed periodically from cages by lifting them by the tail.
  • That night all doubts about the objective existence of phantasmata were removed for ever.
  • A murmur of ecstatic approval ran through the crowd when the covers were removed.
  • That night all doubts about the objective existence of phantasmata were removed forever.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Were Removed | Were Removed Sentence

  • Outergarments were removed.
  • Repeated chapter titles were removed.
  • The impediments which then existed were removed.
  • Duplicate chapter titles were removed.
  • They were removed from the body of the saint in 1827.
  • They were removed when the tomb was inspected in 1875.
  • One by one the offending names were removed.
  • After the surrender the wounded were removed to shore.
  • One by one her personal attendants were removed.
  • These were removed to make room for us.
  • The sutures were removed on the 8th day.
  • These repeated titles were removed to avoid redundancy.
  • Mercy was shown him, and the demons were removed.
  • So the bandages were removed and the ankle laid bare.
  • He and two others of the advance-guard were removed.
  • Later, however, her doubts were removed.
  • Finally the remains were removed to Havanna.
  • Their remains were removed at the Restoration.
  • In 940 his bones were removed to Canterbury by Odo.
  • The Pawnee were removed to Indian Territory in 1876.
  • Relatives of the dead were notified and some of the bodies were removed.
  • Some of these were removed, but most of them were consumed by the flames.
  • It was not till you heard his tale that your own suspicions were removed.
  • Licenses were removed and fines imposed on those who did not heed the warning.
  • Then the victim's shoes and socks were removed.
  • Then the tables were removed, but the place was kept very neatly.
  • Altogether, more than 300 cubic yards of material were removed.
  • The centres which were removed from tomatoes may be utilized in various ways.
  • The opening was enlarged, and some skin and hairs were removed.
  • To his surprise and gratification, the bonds on his wrists were removed.
  • At a station beyond, the dishes were removed by other soldiers.
  • The astonished governor yielded, and the insignia were removed.
  • The two latter monuments were removed more than 200 years ago.
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