Were Surprised In A Sentence

How To Use Were Surprised In A Sentence?

  • The defenders were surprised and dashed themselves from the crags or were massacred.
  • Somewhat later we were surprised to learn that it was our own kitchen which was on fire.
  • On his arrival at the village the people were surprised to see him without his mother.
  • But instead of the boys they were surprised to see a strange man striding into camp.
  • The great churchmen were surprised at the display made by the king of dialectic skill.
  • They had seen us and were surprised, because we did not usually leave the house after sunset.
  • Occasionally a beggar approached, but the boys were surprised by the small number of mendicants.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Were Surprised | Were Surprised Sentence

  • Knowing her to be childless they were surprised.
  • They were surprised at the neatness of it.
  • Is it strange if he were surprised then?
  • The villagers were surprised.
  • Both the men were surprised.
  • All in the tent were surprised at these words.
  • The girls were surprised to hear it.
  • My men were surprised and rejoiced to see me.
  • For some reason none of the harem were surprised.
  • All the guests were surprised at the skill of the baker.
  • At first they were surprised, then excessively delighted.
  • We were surprised, and could not think or speak.
  • All were surprised to see the two young people come back.
  • Don Rodrigo and his soldiers were surprised.
  • They were surprised, captured, and condemned to death.
  • We were surprised, Delpit and I, that Mme.
  • They were surprised and disgruntled at his gesture of dissent.
  • The family had just had breakfast and were surprised to see him so early.
  • We were surprised to find out how small the tent was after it was set up.
  • They were surprised and elated over the prospect of a post office.
  • They were surprised and pushed it with their fingers till it upset.
  • The disciples were surprised and looked at one another in confusion.
  • They were surprised some, when they saw the people all bandaged up.
  • We were surprised to find that none of them came off to the ships as usual.
  • Most of the guests were surprised upon entrance to the great building.
  • We landed in the cove, and were surprised to find it in shadow.
  • Therefore they were surprised that the Castilians had taken them.
  • Some of you were with me when we were surprised and cut up by him in Tennessee.
  • Upon gaining the higher land, they were surprised at the aspect of the island.
  • At first we were surprised; then we were grieved; then we were indignant.
  • This awoke the others, who were surprised to see a man in a baseball uniform.
  • They were surprised to learn that several new by-laws had been long ago added.
  • His family were surprised to hear him speak so, and said nothing in reply.
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