Were Wounded In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Were Wounded | Were Wounded Sentence

  • Many more were wounded.
  • Buswell were wounded.
  • Several of our men were wounded.
  • Both of my companions were wounded.
  • Only four were wounded.
  • Both his brothers were wounded.
  • More than fifty men were wounded.
  • Those who were wounded were looked on as lucky.
  • Eleven native soldiers were wounded.
  • They always hate to tell how they were wounded.
  • Only three men were wounded in the garrison.
  • It was thought that two or three were wounded.
  • Eleven of them were wounded, but only one seriously.
  • Six others were killed and twenty-four were wounded.
  • Many heroes on both sides were wounded and many slain.
  • A few men were wounded, and they not badly.
  • No doubt many others were wounded who were able to escape.
  • Great numbers were wounded, more or less severely.
  • Several men were killed, others were wounded.
  • The whole gun was shattered and ten men were wounded.
  • Six others were wounded, one of whom died.
  • Half a dozen were wounded, one of them a woman.
  • Only three of the Americans were wounded.
  • Several civilians and Serbian soldiers were wounded.
  • One General was taken prisoner and several were wounded.
  • You were wounded, I hear.
  • One or two of his men were wounded there, Sergt.
  • Some one said that Hancock and Gibbon were wounded.
  • Mars and Venus were wounded by Di-o-me-de.
  • I were wounded.
  • Why not think about the hundreds of thousands of others who were wounded.
  • Then he asked where the ten knights were that were wounded sore.
  • Both had been in love with her, and both were wounded at her refusal.
  • Nineteen commissioned officers were killed and seventy more were wounded.
  • Twenty men were wounded and eleven lost the number of their mess.
  • They were wounded almost at the same time, and in the same way.
  • Harry rose to his feet and began to feel of himself to see if he were wounded.
  • Many a bison was killed that day and many others were wounded.

How To Use Were Wounded In A Sentence?

  • All the injured men whom we took from the field were wounded by these splinters.
  • Some of the officers commanding the troops were killed, and all of them were wounded.
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