Wet In A Sentence

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  • Burckhardt wet his lips.
  • Her eyes were wet with tears.
  • This is because there is no water to wet the earth.
  • Her eyes were as blue as wet violets.
  • Often they were wet and cold and without shelter.
  • His front feet had slipped on the wet ground.
  • He drank, and shook his wet hair again.
  • The pasture sloped down to a piece of low, wet land.
  • The rear wheel is to be wet in the Atlantic.
  • Lumley drew up his foot and began to wet the bandages again.
  • It was as if his flesh had been wet plaster stiffening slowly about his ribs.
  • The rain was coming down now in torrents, and he was wet to the skin.
  • It had been wet and cold, and there had been no hot food for days.
  • Tears now began to wet his cheeks, falling from the eyes of the twins.
  • All wet and shaken and excited and out of breath, he does get on board.
  • The year 1878 was a wet year and yielded a bad harvest; 1879 was worse.
  • Mince cold veal, season to taste, and wet slightly with a good gravy.
  • After another wet night on another wet camping ground, we marched into Phari.
  • Her hair was gold, her eyes wet violets; but Mills missed something.

How To Use Wet In A Sentence?

  • This is necessarily large, and when thoroughly wet is cumbersome and exceedingly heavy.
  • Bitter winds swept every leaf from the trees and the sun was hidden in wet mists.
  • My cigar went out whilst he was shampooing me, and my whiskers was wet up with the dye.
  • The wind and wet poured in together whenever the window was put down to pay the postboys.
  • He laughed and with wet eyes he continued to speak in a soft voice while he rubbed his groin.
  • Then the bee which was hidden near the tub stung him sharply in his face, already wet with tears.
  • I must just put this safe by, and then I'll go and wet my lips with a quartern o' mountain dew.
  • Even when it did not rain the air was so laden with moisture that the very clothes you wore were always wet on the outside.
  • How dogs and children rolled together in snow so dry from intense cold that it hardly wet them more than sand.
  • My overcoat had been wet through for three days, and the sun coming out gave me a chance of drying it.
  • The perspiration streamed from under his stylish derby, his stock wilted, and his clothing was as wet as if it had been raining.
  • She wet a clean cloth and wiped the sweat from his head and face, and watched him slowly open his eyes.
  • Dan Anderson drew back from the crest and rolled up his shirt-sleeve above an arm now wet with blood.
  • They work at night, and require to be most on the alert during rough and wet weather; especially in winter when fish are spawning.
  • The one face bending over his, her eyes wet with tears, her whispers an incoherent stream of broken words.
  • The man in advance happened to cross a wet streak on the walk just as Frank and his friends observed him.
  • I repeated, and then crossed over to her and crept closely to her, put my arm about her, and drew her wet cheek to mine.
  • When we found ourselves again we were all wet and not in the best of humor, but in sight of the old city of Samaria on her high hills.
  • After the fire was well started, Bert took his wet garments one by one and dried them before the fire.
  • As it happened, rain began to fall heavily after lunch, and somewhat early in the afternoon the two cyclists returned wet and cross.
  • Slice two hard boiled eggs, wet a mould and lay the slices of egg in the bottom and on the sides, then put in the chopped meat.

Definition of Wet

Made up of liquid or moisture, usually (but not always) water. | Of an object, etc.: covered or impregnated with liquid, usually (but not always) water. | Of a burrito, sandwich, or other food: covered in a sauce.
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