What Must In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For What Must | What Must Sentence

  • What must he do with her?
  • They knew what must be there.
  • To what must we ascribe this?
  • What must be the consequence?
  • What must be done about that?
  • What must be avoided?
  • What must she have thought of him?
  • What must be the result?
  • What must be the issue?
  • What must we conclude from this?
  • This was what must be prevented.
  • What must it be in summer?
  • And what must he do to avoid it?
  • What must be must be.
  • And what must be the result of all this?
  • I am only doing what must be done.
  • What must his duty be now?
  • Yet what must my feelings be to theirs?
  • What must you think?
  • What must he think of me?
  • What must they have felt?
  • What must she herself think of that?
  • What must be done for her?
  • What must his feelings have been!
  • What must you think of us all?
  • What must we take up first?
  • What must this man have been in his prime?
  • What must be the nature of such companionship?
  • What must such a life be like?
  • What must this liberty then mean?
  • What must any one do to be honored?
  • What must they be thinking right now?
  • What must be done in all cases?
  • What must it be like to foreigners!
  • What must man do to be saved?

How To Use What Must In A Sentence?

  • What must be thought of such conduct?
  • To get what must be lost again.
  • What must they do to remove the obstacles?
  • What must be done in this case?
  • What must we wot thereof?
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