What Seemed In A Sentence

How To Use What Seemed In A Sentence?

  • I heard what seemed like a shot, and loud calling.
  • For what seemed many minutes Horace looked at her.
  • I may have scuttled ship, but I did what seemed best.
  • For what seemed an endless period of time, Charley waited.
  • After what seemed to both of them an age of agony she looked up.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For What Seemed | What Seemed Sentence

  • What seemed so permanent as that?
  • The which he did with what seemed to me to be irony.
  • And yet this is what seemed to have happened.
  • I remained there for what seemed hours to me.
  • Then came what seemed to him to be its culmination.
  • She looked at me with what seemed anger.
  • Tenney stared at him for what seemed a long time.
  • She looked at him in what seemed to be serious alarm.
  • Within what seemed a foot of her she heard voices.
  • A man was groping to what seemed a light.
  • I waited what seemed to me a long time.
  • She did not speak for what seemed a long time.
  • His objective was what seemed to be a notch in the summit.
  • Trendon was gone for what seemed an interminable time.
  • Then we waited what seemed like a year.
  • What seemed to be the attraction between the two friends?
  • What seemed a long time passed.
  • What seemed a calamity was a step in advance.
  • How should he answer what seemed like a call?
  • What seemed to us most unbearable was the want of news.
  • The doctor looked at me for what seemed ten minutes.
  • What seemed so solid once, is disintegrated.
  • For what seemed almost half an hour there was silence.
  • She tossed and tumbled for what seemed to her a long time.
  • His face clouded with what seemed a painful suspicion.
  • He stared at me in silence for what seemed a long time.
  • He listened with what seemed frank and only mild interest.
  • He grinned with what seemed to us bad taste.
  • At least, that is what seemed to have happened.
  • She continued what seemed to be part of a set speech.
  • Not a room but what seemed empty, strange.
  • Now she waited what seemed many minutes without response.
  • Sabatini replied, stifling what seemed to be a yawn.
  • The lady looked on, with what seemed a doubtful eye.
  • My hand, indeed, grasped what seemed to be his.
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