What The In A Sentence

How To Use What The In A Sentence?

  • Know what the ring can tell.
  • What the deuce is the matter with me?
  • What the deuce did he mean to do?
  • Was this what the world had given her?
  • What the leading lessons?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For What The | What The Sentence

  • Think what the firemen do!
  • What the dickens is up?
  • What the hell are you doing here?
  • What the devil was that?
  • What the mischief can that be?
  • What the deuce was all that?
  • What the monks did then they are doing now.
  • What the hell it was.
  • Wondering what the world can be!
  • What the deuce is this?
  • What the devil were you doing there!
  • What the devil is it to you?
  • Tell me what the matter is.
  • And what the devil are you doing here?
  • This is what the government does.
  • Now what the devil is up?
  • What the deuce was he about?
  • What the dickens is this?
  • Tell me what the matter is.
  • Of what the outposts these?
  • So what the dickens are we to do?
  • What the blazes are you up to?
  • What the dickens is it?
  • See what the noise is about.
  • What the mischief are you doing?
  • What the dewille is this?
  • That was what the divorce was about.
  • What the deuce do they do?
  • What the devil is that to you?
  • This was just what the other wanted.
  • But what the devil can we do?
  • What the devil are you doing here?
  • What the deuce is it?
  • Later we found out what the trouble was.
  • What the devil do you mean?
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