What Time In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For What Time | What Time Sentence

  • Now what time was that?
  • What time did she come?
  • What time have you to study?
  • Will you tell me what time it is?
  • At what time was it built?
  • At what time will they send for you?
  • What time does she come?
  • What time left you her there?
  • I wonder what time it is?
  • What time did you have breakfast?
  • What time we had made!
  • He did not say what time it was.
  • Do you know what time it is?
  • What time of the year?
  • She wondered what time it was.
  • About what time did you expect her in?
  • Suddenly she asked him what time it was.
  • Then we know what time it is.
  • What time could it be?
  • Can you tell me what time it is?
  • And what time will they arrive?
  • At about what time is this story laid?
  • At about what time will father return?
  • What time did you ever set yourself for that?
  • In what time will you perform the cure?
  • What time was there for anything else?
  • What time do you suppose they have breakfast?
  • Then we shall see what time will do.
  • It matters little to me what time it is.
  • Searching what time ...
  • Come; what time is it?
  • What time the skies are blue.
  • He was anxious to know what time it was.
  • At what time does this age begin?
  • What time do you travel in the morning?

How To Use What Time In A Sentence?

  • Why, what time is it?
  • What time will you come home?
  • What time does your train leave?
  • What time will you be leaving the harbour?
  • What time did you go up to bed?
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