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  • And now he cannot wheedle me with words.
  • It may take me that time to wheedle her.
  • She knew better than to try to wheedle me into going.
  • Scarlett used to wheedle the juries over the weak places in his case.
  • They knew all the secrets of the ogress, and how to wheedle and coax her.
  • Sure you think to wheedle me; would you have me imagine you do not love her?
  • You think that I've come to wheedle Terry's address out of you.

How To Use Wheedle In A Sentence?

  • The grocer proceeded to wheedle more news out of the village information bureau.
  • Divining him darkly, she went to work with such arts as she had to wheedle the worst out of him.
  • To think that you can talk me to your purpose, And wheedle me to give the girl for nothing?
  • For she knew it would be far easier to wheedle the story from her old friend Hans Sachs.
  • A fellow might wheedle until he fell over, and you'd still be as hard as adamant.
  • Then would she wheedle and laugh and blarney, beginning in a rage, and ending as if she had been in jest.
  • He could wheedle out rock-fish by the dozen while envious miners sat about him tugging hopefully at empty lines.
  • Then would she wheedle and laugh and blarney, beginning in a rage, and ending as if she had been in jest.
  • Very clever you were to wheedle it out of Harry, but it didn't do you much good.
  • She made a struggle at first to keep them apart, but Alison had been spoilt too long not to know how to wheedle her mother and get her own way.
  • I cannot tell how often I have seen a private soldier escape the horse, or a beggar wheedle out a good alms, by a touch of the brogue.
  • Sooner or later he will wheedle them into a bid against their better judgment, and then make good capital of the fact that such and such a connoisseur had bought so great a bargain.
  • The castle has a tower, as you will see, and on the top of it is a stone the kissing of which is said to confer the gift of ability to wheedle and flatter.
  • When she was unable, during her afternoon perambulations, to wheedle stallkeepers into filling her bag for her, she was reduced to dining off the merest scraps.

Definition of Wheedle

(transitive, intransitive) To cajole or attempt to persuade by flattery. | (transitive) To obtain by flattery, guile, or trickery. | (archaic) A coaxing person.
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