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  • He wheedled also some cigarettes and a few coppers from us.
  • But I was not in this instance to be wheedled by my aunt.

How To Use Wheedled In A Sentence?

  • His brothers wheedled them into giving them up, saying they will be safer with us.
  • A ward-heeler cadging votes for a Milwaukee alderman never wheedled more gingerly.
  • He wheedled his landlady, instead, into a better humour, paying her reluctantly a little more.
  • This was a bit unfair, for Archie had been wheedled rather than wheedled Adelle.
  • And Vulcan, wheedled by his Wife, Will forge for thee a Paring-Knife.
  • He now wheedled knowledge of switching-station tricks from Urvile on the ALTOS system.
  • But it is hardly so; most men are more likely to be wheedled into taking slightly inferior goods at a slightly greater price.
  • Nevertheless, she had fully made up her mind as to the course she intended to take, and she was no longer a child to be wheedled into anything.
  • But the dog, with one eye ever on the audience, has been wheedled into slavery, and praised and patted into the renunciation of his nature.
  • He could deny them nothing when they wheedled him, and they were nearly always humorously and brazenly trying to "work him," as he called it.
  • Then came Raffles with soap and water, and the gyve was wheedled from one wrist, as you withdraw a ring for which the finger has grown too large.
  • She wheedled John away from his home, and carried him off to that awful West, and never let him write to me.
  • Always then Adam appealed to his habits of pity and treacherously on the strength of it wheedled him into other tales of folk lore merely to refute them.
  • Other men, describing similar complexities, would have given particulars of their adventures, how this thing had been done, and that person wheedled into confidences.

Definition of Wheedled

simple past tense and past participle of wheedle
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