Wheeze in a sentence

Definition of Wheeze

To breathe hard, and with an audible piping or whistling sound, as persons affected with asthma. | A piping or whistling sound caused by difficult respiration. | An ordinary whisper exaggerated so as to produce the hoarse sound known as the "stage whisper"; a forcible whisper with some admixture of tone.

How to use Wheeze in a Sentence?

  • Mrs. Hearty began to shake and wheeze with laughter, and Millie stood looking at Bindle.
  • He was a glutton, and stuffed himself so at meals that he did little but choke and wheeze through the latter half of them.
  • He did not finish the sentence before the engine suddenly stopped with a sort of wheeze and groan which showed something was wrong.
  • When he tried to laugh, his lips trembled convulsively and the only noise produced was a hoarse wheeze like the blowing of bellows.
  • I plainly heard the wheeze of blood in its throat, and the sound, like a death-rattle, affected me powerfully.
  • He did nothing but wheeze for a good minute, and when he spoke it was with insinuating civility, in his best English.
  • He speaks in a bass voice, with a prolonged rattle and wheeze in his throat, like an old-fashioned clock, which buzzes before it strikes.
  • There was no necessity to stay in camp because one man happened to wheeze and cough, he said, and anyway, he could do that just as well when they were moving.
  • I opened my mouth, and instead of the usual vibrating words of love and compliment, there came forth a faint wheeze such as a baby with croup might emit.

Short Example Sentence for Wheeze

  • The husky wheeze and the dolorous hum!
  • The next instant the motor gave a final wheeze and died.
  • The only and original Wheeze Puller, not!

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