When I In A Sentence

How To Use When I In A Sentence?

  • When I came upon them.
  • It was very hard for me when I was a child.
  • Not when I have made my fortune!
  • It was very late when I awoke.
  • One of them was at his bedside when I entered.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For When I | When I Sentence

  • When I was between decks.
  • I have been in it when I was small.
  • When I need you most.
  • I will write when I can.
  • It was all over when I come.
  • Who is to have them when I die?
  • That was when I was getting out from under it!
  • What will he do when I am gone?
  • He winced when I did it.
  • When I fled from you?
  • Will report when I can.
  • Read them when I am gone.
  • Just when I was so happy.
  • It was so when I was a child.
  • I was only happy when I was with you.
  • It was when I was a lad.
  • Spring when I lift you.
  • I do when I can get them.
  • She was not in it when I came.
  • Tell you about it when I see you.
  • They were enlarging it when I was there.
  • You have met him when I was not with you.
  • I only live when I am with her.
  • When I am to hear from you?
  • Will you come when I send for you?
  • I shiver when I look at him.
  • I blushed for my sex when I was there.
  • He will succeed me when I am gone.
  • I can scarce mind when I had any.
  • When I have brought her to thee?
  • He did it this morning when I was in the dairy.
  • But what matters that when I can get me more?
  • I was startled when I realized it.
  • I was confirmed myself when I was about your age.
  • Shall be so pleased when I have finished.
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