Whence In A Sentence

Definition of Whence

(literary, poetic) Used for introducing the result of a fact that has just been stated. | (archaic, formal or literary) From where; from which place or source.

How To Use Whence In A Sentence?

  • The quarries whence this dwelling rose.
  • But whence came these wild animals?
  • Why, whence came you?
  • This was the root whence other stories grew.
  • And whence could this bull have come?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Whence | Whence Sentence

  • And whence have you it?
  • Then whence were they projected?
  • From whence did it come?
  • But whence has it arisen?
  • But whence those sounds?
  • And whence does it come?
  • But whence does it come?
  • Observe whence it comes.
  • And whence does all that arise?
  • Then whence comes this?
  • They asked whence she came.
  • But why inquire whence the difference?
  • But what matter whence it flowed?
  • From whence came that shot?
  • From whence are these lines taken?
  • From whence did you receive the intelligence?
  • But whence comest thou?
  • You do not know whence it came.
  • From whence then hath it tares?
  • But whence these wild expressions?
  • From whence our sex began.
  • From whence comest thou?
  • I wonder whence it comes.
  • And whence comes this night?
  • And whence arises my connection with her.
  • And whence came the water?
  • Wrecks of a being whence the soul has fled!
  • You know whence you stole it.
  • O replace them whence they came.
  • She did not question who he was or whence he had come.
  • They care not whence we come.
  • And whence comes your comet?
  • The rabble fled whence it came.
  • Does anyone know whence they come?
  • From whence the fine present was brought.

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