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How To Use Where In A Sentence?

  • Presently her face cleared and she went over to the table where they were busy with the views.
  • The copyright laws of the place where you are located also govern what you can do with this work.
  • The copyright laws of the place where you are located also govern what you can do with this work.
  • He did not know where or how to apply for work, and he tired himself in fruitless endeavour.
  • There is a very fine monastery there, situated up a valley five miles from where we camped.
  • And there was the very place, in front of the fire, where she used to have her tea.
  • I had made a mistake here, and come into the untenanted organ-room where we had supped.
  • Coming over to where Patricia still sat, she stood for a moment looking down on her.
  • The path of sorrow, and that path alone, Leads to the land where sorrow is unknown.
  • The furnishing of the little house in London where Julia and I are going to live.
  • I cannot get either in London, where I live, and I determined to combine the two.
  • We do not solicit donations in locations where we have not received written confirmation of compliance.
  • If his psychology had not been false, he might have seen a clear and steady light where he has only beheld difficulties and confusion.
  • This breeze came through arched doors on either hand half open and met in two embracing currents where the picture hung.
  • Later on it reached steep gradients where the pack bullock could no longer carry it, and it was handed over for several marches to a cooli.
  • Judith meditated on this bit of wisdom and she watched Patricia closely when they reached the street where the house was located.
  • If we set out from this point of view, it will be found exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, to tell when and where to stop.
  • Of course, even from the strictly economical view, it was far the best policy to make away with these surpluses where they stood.
  • But where have they found, or where can they find, a principle more clear, more simple, or more unquestionable on which to ground their arguments?
  • A dull, deep sleep was pressing on her brain, and she thought she would never be able to cross the room to where the letter was.
  • In general terms, it is universally acknowledged; and its application is easy where the impossibility is plain, or the contradiction glaring.
  • Then came shining country, where the sky met the sun-bright slopes, and then a quiet sail at rest in the tiny harbor.
  • There was a depth in these that supported their air-waving tones, as pillars solid and polished a vaulted roof, where shadows waver and nestle.
  • I missed these functions, having been sent on ahead to the Tsangpo, where preparations for the return crossing were now afoot.
  • Impossible to find a room where he could live more cheaply than in the one he had got, and it is not easy to dine in London on less than ninepence.
  • She would be able to find room for them in the little house in London where she and Julia were going to live.
  • It was a man at least, if not a spirit; but I had not seen where that gliding form came from, with its light and stealthy speed.
  • At last I made out who the little dancing-girl was and where she lived, and then I went to that house.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Where | Where Sentence

  • But where is the proof?
  • How was it that he knew where they wanted to go?
  • My conscience tells me plainly where my duty lies.
  • And where is the Raphael?
  • We looked eagerly to see where our first glee came.
  • I recalled exactly where I was.
  • Let me not prose where I should, most of all, be poetical.
  • Did I not know where I should find it?
  • Elinor rose to lead the way to the rooms where they would dress.
  • Night was thickening in the street, and he had to decide where he would sleep.
  • I knew not where I was, how near or how far from my appointed place of rest.
  • She questioned me as to where I had been, and I was obliged to answer.

Definition of Where

While on the contrary; although; whereas. | At or in which place or situation. | To which place or situation.
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