Whereas in a sentence

Definition of Whereas

In contrast; whilst on the contrary; although. | (chiefly law) It being the fact that; inasmuch as. | A clause, as in legal documents, stating whereas.

How to use Whereas in a Sentence?

  • Lately the letters had been stacked in a corner, whereas now they were scattered.
  • The pelage in spring is described as bright and fresh whereas that in fall is dull and worn.
  • It had not occurred to her that whereas she had lost her mother, she could also lose her father.
  • Other men would have made these things a beginning, whereas he had taken them as the end.
  • The Indians kill my cattle to eat them, whereas the squatters did so to ruin me.
  • But he could only steal them day by day, whereas Hermes lifts the cattle in an hour.
  • The dead are countless; whereas those who survived to be rewarded may be numbered with three figures.
  • As will, the mind steps into actuality; whereas as cognition it is on the soil of notional generality.
  • They think they are advancing healthy mental assimilation and digestion, whereas in reality they are little better than cancer in the stomach.
  • The second will did not, under existing circumstances, give effect to this intention, whereas the first will did.
  • But after all the little girl had but one: whereas the shopwoman had many, and at best could play on no more than one at a time.
  • That is the average age, whereas a hundred years ago the average expectation of life at that age was only fifty-three years.
  • But Love is all alike; whereas we see Both good and bad and middling kinds of tea! MRS.
  • In all instances the wooden cases of every type were either smashed or badly burst, whereas the fibre cases were merely dented.
  • Lessing is the one who comes next to him, whereas Goethe really reached the masses in only a few of his compositions.
  • For one thing he was in full evening dress, whereas the only other diners who were in evening kit at all wore dinner jackets and black ties.
  • Truly, the millennium is not at hand, nor is war a thing of the past; but whereas war was once the rule, now it is the exception.
  • The teeth are large and strong, and, whereas in old age they frequently become few and discolored, during prime they are often white and clean.
  • Those were hot winds, scorching and curling up everything, whereas this is rather a cold breeze, although it blows chiefly in summer.
  • An arrow, too, may be used over and over again, and may thus account for many head of game, whereas a cartridge can be used but once.
  • He has a wonderful vision of the harmonious Cosmos, but it is "only a spectacle," whereas he craves food for his soul.
  • During the early part of the season Tziganes play in one of the small rooms, whereas in summer a somewhat noisy orchestra plays in the garden.
  • It would mean believing ourselves to be living in the Stone Age, whereas we are living in an age of steel.
  • But, whereas the original drawing has been labeled entirely in Cyrillic characters, these labels were now in English.
  • She had always been decent, in her way; whereas Bamtz was, not to mince words, an abject sort of creature.
  • I believed that I was inside a police-station, whereas I had actually walked into this mysterious and cleverly-prepared trap.
  • A picture can only be correctly seen from one point, whereas the decoration of a ceiling should be of such a character that it can be properly seen from any part of the room.
  • It has often been laid to his charge that his work smells of the lamp, whereas what is really the matter with it is that it smells of the drawing-room gas.
  • I prefer the lofts to the boxes, because they have corridors out of which one can look, whereas the windows in the boxes are usually far above the ground.
  • But it was so much worse than a war in which the conquered have only to suffer servitude or at most death, whereas in this case what was committed against those who refused to do wrong passes all description.
  • Besides, she everywhere spreads a report that I do nothing whatever for Carl, whereas she pays everything!!
  • It is significant that, whereas convictions had been almost unknown up to this time, every one of these offenders was promptly sentenced by those courts.
  • Brandilancia would have been blind indeed not to have recognised her admiration, but he believed it merely appreciation of his genius, whereas her mind was too limited to comprehend it.
  • But it is only a partial view, for it places the emphasis upon the leaving of the farm, whereas the emphasis should be placed upon the farm and those who stay there.
  • The reason for this was simply that the submarine had no weapon with which it could successfully resist the attack of the destroyer, whereas the destroyer had several with which it could attack the submarine.
  • He was a charming, good-mannered bird, accustomed to the best society, whereas you, I suppose, are nothing but a heartless vagabond like myself.
  • From each of those explanations we deduce consequences; and if those consequences agree with new facts, they confirm the explanation, whereas if they disagree they tend to disprove it.

Short Example Sentence for Whereas

  • He paid the money, whereas the basket was worth only one-sixth the price.
  • The forest was dead, whereas the brook, though feeble, still lived.
  • The latter are all in Latin, whereas cultivar-names may be in many languages.

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