Wherefore In A Sentence

Definition of Wherefore

(archaic) Because of which. | An intent or purpose; a why. | (conjunctive, archaic) Why, for what reason, because of what.

How To Use Wherefore In A Sentence?

  • Wherefore, princes, wherefore do you thus hasten away?
  • But wherefore should I think of discontent?
  • And wherefore do I not force my way?
  • And now thou askest wherefore I am here.
  • A bottle of wine, lad; and wherefore to-morrow?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Wherefore | Wherefore Sentence

  • And wherefore not now?
  • But wherefore any more?
  • And wherefore did they not?
  • Why and wherefore it has to be.
  • But wherefore is the fool not here?
  • We dared not ask her wherefore she did it.
  • The wherefore it was vain to seek.
  • He examined into the why and wherefore of things.
  • Then, wherefore the chastisement?
  • Why and wherefore were these desires given us?
  • But wherefore did they not that hour destroy us?
  • Come, wherefore should you be so pashful?
  • But wherefore all night long shine these?
  • And wherefore shouldst thou pray with me?
  • Then wherefore dost thou sigh?
  • Ile know the cause wherefore we are undone.
  • But wherefore makes thou question of my will?
  • And wherefore hath she never learned these teachings?
  • But wherefore to yon spot is riveted my gaze?
  • Then wherefore wilt thou mock us so?
  • What countryman, and wherefore suppliant there?
  • And wherefore hast thou darted forth?
  • Unto thy broken cisterns wherefore go.
  • Or wherefore his characters thus without fault?
  • What were these torturing gifts, and wherefore lent her?
  • Child, wherefore art thou come?
  • At length subside: then wherefore not the curse?
  • That thought was, wherefore should my life be solitary?
  • For this night, wherefore should she not sleep in peace?
  • The son had no father, wherefore he was all powerful.
  • Tell me, wherefore hast thou not espoused thee?
  • My noble lord, wherefore despisest thou me?
  • And wherefore did Eurybiades tarry?
  • But wherefore do I linger here?
  • But wherefore do they crystallise round Zeus?

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