Whether In A Sentence

Definition of Whether

(obsolete) Introducing a direct interrogative question (often with correlative or) which indicates doubt between alternatives. | Used to introduce an indirect interrogative question that consists of multiple alternative possibilities (usually with correlative or). | Without a correlative, used to introduce a simple indirect question.

How To Use Whether In A Sentence?

  • Notice on the map of our neighborhood whether a river with islands in it is shown.
  • After the paragraph has been written, examine it to see whether subdivision will not improve it.
  • Not hearing the sounds he expected to hear, he felt uncertain whether they all were on board yet.
  • This principle is applicable, whether the accused bear a good or a bad moral character.
  • It matters far more whether we are honest, loving, industrious and fair-minded.
  • In every system, whether of nature or of art, there must be a variety and subordination of parts.
  • And he reflected that whether he lived or died such an act would lay him under a dark suspicion from which he shrank.
  • But whether the interruption be slight or considerable, he must never insert one comma and omit the other.
  • If you were in the woods, surrounded by trees, how would you know whether you were on a plain or on a hill?
  • As we stand at each side, see whether there are any parts which you never noticed before or any parts which we forgot to mention yesterday.
  • This then is the question which we intend to examine: whether that which is concreated with a moral agent, can be his virtue or his vice?
  • The most anxious suspense was legible in the faces of all present: they did not know whether the jest would end seriously or the reverse.
  • The worthy gentleman did not know whether he stood on his head or his heels, and yet he is one of the chief men in the land!
  • And he is not the man to break the word he has once given, whether it be to God or to his fellow-man.
  • The poor peasantry rejoiced at getting off so cheaply, and hastened to pay the tax without first asking me whether it was lawfully levied.
  • I looked around the room on other pictures, either to divert my attention, or to see whether the same effect would be produced by them.
  • I knew not whether led or carried; I knew not whether aroused or in the midst of his high abstraction.
  • Now, suppose all this to be admitted, let us consider whether it gives any support to the Calvinistic creed of election.
  • It was the arm-chair which fell with such an appalling crash, and whether it were any the worse or no, I could not tell as it lay.
  • Mendelssohn was his friend from boyhood, and aided him greatly with his suggestions, though it is doubtful whether Bennett ever studied with him.
  • The other fellow loafs about the house as if there had been nothing, and Cloete begins to doubt whether he really means ever to tackle that job.
  • Then suddenly reminded, I turned, to see whether that noticeable personage had left the smaller counter.
  • It is not, indeed, to be dissembled, that it were a difficulty to determine, whether such foresight were, for himself, better or worse.
  • The ordinary member of a mess simply eats what is put before him, notes whether it is good, bad, or indifferent, and thinks no more about it.
  • I dearly wanted to ask him whether he loved it; but it was unnecessary, for I could see it was even nothing to him by his face.
  • I want to know whether any one, in strolling through these woods, has come upon a four-footed beast of prey, a creature with a spotted skin?
  • I do not know whether that has a sinister meaning or not, and so I will not enlarge upon it lest I should chance to be in the wrong.
  • The little old lady had vanished, and, but for the hyacinth, Ida would almost have doubted whether her visit had not been a dream.
  • Such is the destiny of man; and upon himself, under God, it depends whether this high destiny be fulfilled, or his bright hopes blasted.
  • Every such person should first ask himself whether his objection might not be retorted, or the shaft be hurled back with destructive force at the assailant.
  • If the reader would learn whether Bright-Wits is apt to succeed in his latest task, he may try to divide the orchard himself.
  • We asked whether there were any of the enemy about, to which they replied that their name was legion, or words to that effect, and that they were all around us.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Whether | Whether Sentence

  • I looked to find whether he was in earnest.
  • I asked him very modestly whether they were mine.
  • I do not know whether I put down Aronach as a tyrant.
  • If so, may we not doubt whether he has taken the best method to solve it?
  • But whether as having happened to himself or to another, I cannot recollect.
  • I could not help looking at the little one to see whether I was watched.
  • I ventured, one day, to ask Aronach whether his father knew he was ill.
  • And I don't know whether I like you better or not.

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