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  • A curriculum guide which includes the African heritage.
  • The anthropopathic behaviour, which includes Religion.
  • You will keep away from me and mine, which includes my niece.
  • The spectrum is of the third type, which includes so many variable stars.
  • See the html file which includes active links to all the eBooks listed.
  • Festgesang" (which includes the familiar tune now associated with "Hark!

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  • Here is a check list which includes some of the most frequent annoyers in married life.
  • It is the true continuity, which includes and binds together all other continuity.
  • Then the name fluid constitutes another and wider ring which includes both oil and water.
  • Certainly, the repentance of no man can transcend his faith, which includes his knowledge.
  • Spiracular line: in caterpillars is that which includes the spiracles: = stigmatal.
  • The best arrangement is that which includes the second, fifth, seventh and eighth books.
  • He uses a generic term, which includes the whale, but is never applied to the whale particularly.
  • God is the self-existent Being, which includes all, and beyond which no other can be imagined.
  • The population of the commune, which includes the suburbs of Constantine, was 58,435.
  • The fish trade, which includes seaweed, is (when not for home consumption) principally with China.
  • It belongs to the first epoch, which includes portions of the first and second centuries A. D.
  • Thomas Bayley Potter was of that class, which includes Manchester careers worth remembering.
  • Methinks this pretty well wipes off the Christmas score, which includes New Year gifts.
  • Project Gutenberg also has an HTML version of this file which includes illustrations.
  • Project Gutenberg also has an HTML version of this file which includes the original maps.
  • Between these two extremes there is a great variety, which includes the alphabet and many fancy designs.
  • The faculty of experience, which includes the faculty of understanding or perception, is merely empirical.
  • The present revolution of nature, which includes the period in which we live, has been privileged above all others.
  • So long as a definition of capital is taken which includes any consumptive goods whatsoever, two results follow.
  • Certainly not; and imitation is a very comprehensive term, which includes under one class the most diverse sorts of things.
  • The equality of rights, which includes an equality of burdens, is a vital principle in our theory of government.
  • Thirdly, those that build a new nest for each brood, which includes by far the greatest number of species.
  • In India a commissioner is the chief administrative official of a division which includes several districts.
  • Let us use the word technic in its large sense, the sense which includes all that pertains to the executive side of piano playing.
  • Each age reshapes for itself its conception of art, of poetry, of religion, and of human life which includes them all.
  • The coach, horses, and servants are engaged at a stipulated sum per week, which includes their travelling expenses.
  • The second side of the Codex has to be treated in four divisions or chapters, the first of which includes pages 15 to 18.
  • I do not mean a selfish regard to the welfare even of one's own soul, but that regard which includes the welfare of others as well as of one's own.
  • The admission, as in the latter, is either by subscription, or by entrance fee of sixpence, which includes a cup of coffee or cigar.
  • Kentucky is doubtful, and it is difficult to see why Missouri should be excluded from any list which includes Kentucky.
  • Then if, as I was saying, there is one art which includes all of them, ought not that art to have one name?
  • The most has been made of the ground, which includes two large playgrounds, provided with swings, ropes, seesaws, etc.
  • In Botany and Zoology this result is obtained by giving to each species a composite name which includes that of the genus to which it belongs.
  • First of all I should name simplicity, which includes lucidity of expression, the clear thought in fitting, luminous words.
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