Which She In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Which She | Which She Sentence

  • That which she heard was this.
  • At which she stopped.
  • There is a sense in which she did.
  • She is lavish of that of which she has the most.
  • It was not that which she was fearing.
  • Which she promptly did.
  • And what was the song which she sang?
  • That was the way in which she saw it.
  • That is the principle which she herself has established.
  • In return for which she was to ruin him?
  • And this was the fortune which she had built up for me!
  • Was he angry for that which she had done?
  • This was the work which she set herself.
  • Tell some incidents in which she figures.
  • It was the coffin of which she spoke.
  • Acquet in an inn to which she had dragged herself.
  • What tragedy was this into which she had thrust herself?
  • What was the danger of which she spoke?
  • He cannot give that which she cannot receive.
  • From which she never derogated.
  • It was graver than that to which she was accustomed.
  • What was the support on which she relied?
  • But it was a repugnance for which she blamed herself.
  • She had other objections which she kept to herself.
  • It was all of which she was capable at that time.
  • The moment after which she had gone.
  • Still there were crevices through which she peeped.
  • She cared for no story of which she was not the heroine.
  • He followed the direction which she indicated.
  • On her lap is the book from which she has been reading.
  • But there was no way in which she could find out.
  • There was no place to which she could flee.
  • How different this was from that which she knew at school?
  • The telegram which she had opened no longer was there.
  • And what is this beast upon which she is seated?

How To Use Which She In A Sentence?

  • She had not accomplished the task for which she came here.
  • He wrote the letter which she received.
  • Did he not despise the class to which she belonged?
  • For a religion to which she had foolishly given herself.
  • But there was so much which she did not grasp yet.
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