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  • N., 25, 5, 21), a strong emetic, which students took 'to quicken their wits.'

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  • Shall I tell you of some of the ambitions which students have, and say a word about them?
  • I cannot avoid mentioning here, though it is not my intention at present to enter into the art and method of study, an error which students are too apt to fall into.
  • It is not answered here, because no answer can be given which would be accepted as satisfactory, but it may serve as a track or indication along which students and thinkers might pursue their investigations.
  • At least two designs are shown for each model, and these may be used as suggestions from which students, with the aid of the instructor, may work out their own designs.
  • It is customary at this Institution to open, every autumn, a school for the study of painting, in which students have an opportunity of copying the best productions of the greatest masters.
  • It is probable that Ammianus, with the disdain which students are apt to affect toward the unphilosophic multitude, has exaggerated the disregard of the Roman nobility for books.
  • Jay's "Review of the Mexican War" is a contribution to the history of the country which students cannot afford to pass unread.
  • There are certain facts about the artistic transformation that the theatre is undergoing in the twentieth century with which students of the drama need to be familiar in order to picture for themselves how plays can be interpreted by means of design, color, and light.
  • One day they went to the great examination hall, 1330 feet long by 583 wide, covering sixteen acres, and containing 8653 cells, in which students are placed so that there shall be no stealing others' work.
  • The age at which students began their academic course in earnest averaged from twelve to fifteen--needless to say, much earlier than at present.
  • Although there is no book with which students of divinity are better acquainted than with the "Song of Songs," there is also none of the same dimensions over which theologians have expressed so much diversity of opinion.
  • In any case of disorderly conduct within the college, in which students are concerned, every student in college at the time, whether he be a resident therein or not, shall be considered as a principal and treated accordingly, unless he can show his innocence.
  • Some of the most atrocious cruelties which students of Russian history associate with court and political life in the Tsardom, during the best part of two centuries, had their sources in the sheer malignity of Teuton Ministers who spoke and acted in the name of the autocrat of the moment.
  • But to the holders of traveling scholarships, to those who have acquitted themselves with distinction in the competitions for these scholarships, and to members of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of at least three years' standing, it offers opportunities for the completion of their professional training which students thus equipped will, it is believed, find of inestimable value.
  • I say 'return,' for, so far as my knowledge goes, there is a plentiful lack of it, at present, in primary schools--a lack somewhat due, no doubt, to the ever-increasing amount and variety of knowledge which students are compelled to acquire in the schools.
  • The privilege is more important in officially marking the rank of a school as a Studium Generale, i.e. a place of higher education, in which instruction was given, by a considerable number of masters, in at least one of the Faculties of Arts, Theology, Law, and Medicine, and to which students were attracted, or at least invited, from all countries.
  • In and after the thirteenth century, the place or school in which a university existed was almost always called a _Studium Generale_, i.e. a place to which students resorted, or were invited, from all countries.
  • Of similar import is the case, cited by Dr. Asa Gray (in the _American Journal of Science_, November, 1884, p. 325), of two species of plantain found in this country, which students have only of late discriminated, although it turns out that the cows have all along known them apart, eating one and declining the other,--the bovine taste being more exact, it would seem, or at any rate more prompt, than the botanist's lens.
  • "The work displays a vast expenditure of labour and scholarship, for which students of Hindoo philosophy have every reason to be grateful to Dr. Hall and the publishers."--_Calcutta Review.
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