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  • Laura had left while we were talking.
  • We did the best we could to while away the time.
  • Mr. Santonio while he plays.
  • He opened my door while I was practising.
  • Pardon my digression while Davy is waiting at the door.
  • I am living at the Lodge while I study with Madame.
  • He placed me in a chair while he left the room for an instant.
  • Hubert whispered; and all the while the rain came down heavier.
  • Any language study is good mind training while acquiring vocabulary.
  • But all the while I could feel that some terrible drama was passing behind me.

How To Use While In A Sentence?

  • Further, the cavalryman mounts his beast, while the mule driver marches on foot.
  • My commanding officer left me there to await the necessary transport while he went back to camp to send it.
  • The office and salesrooms are on the ground floor, while the rest of the building is devoted to manufacturing.
  • But the one says that he did not design to save all, while the other affirms that he actually refuses to save some.
  • Nor can there ever be an end of this wrangling and jangling while the arguments of the opposite parties have their roots in a common error.
  • One or two strolled to the inner doors and peeped through their glass halves, while others gossiped in the entry.
  • The former showed himself to be an artist of the first rank, while the latter proved itself fully deserving of its high reputation.
  • The peculiar nature of that thing called volition, can do nothing, can have no influence, while it is not.
  • By observing due precaution, we can now follow his guidance, while he holds out the flaring light with extended arm.
  • It is only while we see amiss, and not while we see in part, that this problem must wear the appearance of a dark enigma.
  • But surely, if any man imagined that even one world could create itself, it is scarcely worth while to reason with him.
  • Mechanically he continued to add to his parcel, thinking all the while that he must go, otherwise his play would never be written.
  • It was a little violin, and he lifted it as if it had been a flower or an infant, and laid his head lovingly upon it while he touched the strings.
  • She took walks with her while Patricia was at her lesson or otherwise occupied, and she went to afternoon service with her.
  • I looked at myself in the glass while Davy and our tenor gave themselves the last touch, and then left it clear for them.
  • Patricia retained enough of her spirit to look the amused lady calmly in the eyes, while her pretty tipped-up nose assumed a more sprightly angle.
  • The words thrilled her a little, but all the while she saw Emily's eyes and heard her voice.
  • I reiterated again, and yet again, while my companion, whose laugh had passed into a yawn, was gazing at the smoke.
  • Laura was dreadfully alarmed, and screamed; and while she was screaming, in came a great man, his face all bedecked with paint.
  • It was very pleasurable work now, and Clara corrected us both, she all the while sustaining a pure golden soprano.
  • He practised harder than ever, and hardly took time to eat and drink, and only on Sundays a great while to dress.
  • But on our principles, while we have infinite ground for gratitude to God, we also have some little room for gratitude to our fellow-men.
  • The rest of the speckled little pigs scattered squeaking among the reeds, while the two old ones, savagely grunting, advanced to the attack.
  • When she died, no one taught me; and while papa was out all day, I played with my toys and sat upon the stairs.
  • Elinor is dropping some big tears while she thinks I am not looking, and I know it is because she misses her old chum.
  • The seed was sown, the bud opened, and the flower faded, with incredible rapidity, but the growth while it lasted, showed phenomenal luxuriance.
  • She accused me of having designs on you, insisting all the while that every one was talking about it, and that she was fretting solely because of my good name.
  • Never mind, Judy-pudy, you shall come and look me over every once in a while and see that I am being well treated.
  • Hence the one recognises the human power alone; while the other causes this power entirely to disappear beneath the overshadowing influence of the divine.
  • My copy was more crabbed than ever; but while she commented so gravely thereupon, I thought of what Santonio had said about my arm and hand.

Definition of While

(Northern England, Scotland) Until. | During the same time that. | Although.
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